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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Realised that the last post was on a high note. And so I shall conclude this blog on a high note to announce that I've shifted! Have been using wordpress for quite some time for various reasons.

Started my new blog in wordpress ever since to blog about work, and life. That marks a new chapter as an adult, a working adult. This blog accompanied me through my student life, therefore it seems right that I should end it once I've started work. Yea, I know I blogged twice in this blog about my work right? But let's just leave it there cos I'm just too lazy to move them to wordpress. Another reason perhaps is because I used to write blogs so that people read it. But since I only gave my blog link to one person so far, wordpress blog is very much a secret and relatively unknown. Many personal things are up there, quite personal that I do not wish to talk about. So yup.

Ciaos to this blog. Memories shall be kept as it is. I guess I'll read it once in a while, a reminiscence of the past, of the bittersweet memories. New memories are created, recorded and kept somewhere else.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The weekend is over just like that!! What an unproductive weekend I had.

The working world is really a scary place. It's laiden with hidden traps that you unwittingly step on. What could be a minor mistake could eventually effect an entire system. A mere oversight could eventually cause a whole lot of trouble. Perhaps I was a a tad more careless than other people. Perhaps I was just not as meticulous as I thought I was. It's rather sad knowing what a mindless and seemingly harmless action could cause to a person. Yet, there's nothing much that I can do but to apologise and remember the mistake to prevent future incidents.

Oh well, what's passed is the past. Learning to tread on the water and more vigilant.

On a side note, it's a puzzling yet exciting experience for me at the moment. One that I have no idea would lie for me in the future. A happy ending? Or would it be like any other passerby that just happens to write a small chapter in my life? I'm not too sure. Whatever it is, it doesn't pay to be too involved in someone. Not when you have no idea how much you matter them.

I'm trying to figure it out. Constantly reminding myself not to get too involved.
Tuesday, July 05, 2011

long time since i last blogged! and my mind is in a blank as i'm kinda blogging for the sake of doing so..haha..On a side note, I never thought I could sign in to this account again, judging that I have not logged in since goodness knows when.

Time flies. I've graduated and worked for 3 months. Had I decided to go overseas to further my studies, I'd be in Australia now.

Mental health setting is indeed a tough place to work in especially when there is no clear structure. While I fumble through, I learn. I get my opportunity to do anything and almost everything I want. Despite being in a mental health setting, I'm glad my supervisor has given me a chance to do physical rehab stuffs too as it helps improve the residents' quality of life.

Ran my first 5km registered run on Sunday with cousins and it was great! A good experience and good test of determination. Have to admit I wasn't very disciplined. Initially wanted to run the entire length, but I gave up about halfway through the race. Really hard to pick up the momentum to run again after I stopped and I ended up brisk walking my way. Despite that, I was able to sprint through the last 100m of the race! Noticed that I somehow have the energy to do sprinting in the last 200m of any running events (am thinking of the GE Run and my 2.4km runs here) Therefore, I realise that my muscles are mainly red fiber ones! Perhaps I'd make a good sprinter if I trained hard enough last time. Haha.
Monday, June 14, 2010

This is my haven!

Haven't blogged for months. And I'm finally having holidays!

Year 3 Sem 1 Term 1 just passed by like that, we only had school for like 5 weeks? another 5 weeks or so and I'm out of school again!

CE3A was good, minus the fact that i was a little more passive. I WILL BE A MORE ACTIVE LEARNER IN THE COMING ATTACHMENTS! And I have to be! Time seriously flies cos in a year's time, I'm going to graduate and become a therapist.

Had director's list presentation on the last Wednesday of the school term and once again I'm motivated to study hard(er) and aim to be in the list (at least once!!). GPA score has been dropping since Year 1 so I have to work hard! Which is to say holidays is the time i catch up on my work. hahaha..

So tempted to go play pool, watch my TV show. I'm a TV addict. to the max. LOL.

Anyway, something drastic happened last night which left me in shock. Exactly how vicious/violent a person can get? Hopefully things will turn out to be fine.=)
Tuesday, February 02, 2010

right right..so now i've stepped on your toes. probably i've really gone passed my boundaries. but hey, i hope you understand. its not as if i know ur family k. if i know ur family, i'd gladly tell you that i'd get it even when u're not home. but the thing is, i dun even know them! and to begin with, i'm not that close to you. so what am i suppose to tell whoever opens the door?

me: '' hi, i'm here to collect what XX helped me scan in.''
family: ''oh, there you go.''
me: ''thanks. bye''

um..okay..if thats really what you want. i'd go there like a postman. but i'm more free in the afternoon. you should know me good enough that i don't go out AT NIGHT. what's more is that i dun even have sch tmr!

so much for me trying to get you smth in this big mall. just so that i can get it to you to thank you. the turmoil of wondering what exactly should i get for you that is practical, what is useful. the turmoil of wondering ''is it really worth going through all these hussle and bussle just so that i can please you?''

not like you're going to read this blog. but i just want you to know. everything is done with a reason. irritation has set in. i know. no worries, you won't hear anymore from me after tmr.

probably till the day our friend flies off and we meet up. things may not be the same again.
Monday, January 11, 2010


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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