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Friday, September 30, 2005

alrite..viv..u dun have to waste anymore tears e nxt time u visit my blog le..haha..i've changed e song cos i dun wan ppl to cry..haha..anyway,got this song from my cousin's blog..cos it's fomr jj!!haha..e most talented singaporean singer i guess..haha..i love him manx!haha..he rwaks my world!..haha..rite..i'm ending here..:)
Monday, September 26, 2005

Isnt it fast that i'm back here blogging again?oh well..it seems like e first day of school oday..dunno why also..haha..anyway.i'm just here to address some problems and that's that.alrite..I did not lie!so stop saying that I did cos I didn't. i'm just telling u wad i'm gonna get based on my feeling. I didnt say that would be wad i'll get yea?so u cant say that i'm lying cos I DID NOT!and it isn't my fault that i'm getting e grades that I have.i just did it according to wad I know.maybe I shld say that the place I sat was lucky and I got the luck that I need.and you shld know e kinda grades I've been getting for my sciences so how could u say that I'm lying?so PLEASE stop saying that I lied!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

hey guys!i'm back to blog again!rite..prelims are finally over..its time we give ourselves a short break before we start mugging again for our o's..like the saying goes..'xiu xi shi wei le zou geng yuan de lu'(got this from my cousin's blog..) and yep..dun tense urself up..u'll break down eventually..

hmm..wanted to go for a swim today but was too lazy so i've decided to swim nxt week..haha..i'm a lazy bum..haha..so i decided to go shopping with my mum later on..(she need her swimming costume..so we're going to get one for her..)

went shopping for presents with germaine ytd and we saw lotsa 'pigs' and 'cows' in j8..basically all e shops were selling products with pigs and cows for designs..it totally freaked e two of us out..everywhere was piggified!in e end,i had a pig dream last night..haha..hopefully e nxt time i go ther..it would be smth else other than pigs and cows..haha!shoppped for nearly 4 rs before we managed to but e presents..it was a repeat of wad happened to me and my cousins last yr when we shopped for our cousin's 21st birhday present..doubt i wanna go there to buy presents anymore..haha!

rite..i dunno wad else to talk abt le..shall blog again some other time..hope we'll get our prelims results soon..

[everything's gonna be fine,girl..]
Thursday, September 08, 2005

okay justin..i'm updating now..just realised that i haven updated for 2 months!!!=P chem pract. today and i think i screwed it up!gee..i didnt know how to calculate the moles and my ans for it is so different from e rest..luckily my titration results was close to e rest..got 25.2 cm^3..hopefully its correct and that i wont get penalise for inacuracy!as for the qa, i guess it was a disaster too..i dunno wad gas was evolved it seems like hydrogen yet seem like carbon dioxide. but according to jolene, it was most probably ammonia cos they use devarda's alloy..argh!!i'm gonna be so dead..than again, how am i supposed to work when its so hot and stuffy??and guess wad?for once, i knew how to do e conclusion part..haha..so happy..hopefully i get them correct thou..its phy pract. tmr and i ain that scared cos its easier,just get e s.f. correct and e ruler to be in equilibrium if there's a need..haha..i'm off!!take care peeps! good luck for ur prelims!