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Saturday, May 14, 2005

here's a quiz i took in quizilla and i heard e song which i haven heard for a long time.e song which was in my blog e first and last time tony helped me to 'beautify' my blog.heard that it was actually frm final fantasy.wadeva it is,i loved that song loads.if anyone come across e song again(that is if u noe wad song i'm talking abt) pls tell me.thanx

lonely moon
you represent the hard times in life. you have a
hard life yourself and a hidden self many don't
know about.

What part of life do you represent? ( AWESOME anime pics ^_^)
brought to you by Quizilla
Thursday, May 05, 2005

DooM's dAy

aLright,from the title,it means many things.basically,there are two things which i wanna talk abt which i 'classify' it as doom's day.

first and foremost,i think it'll be my performances-the peicai idoL and my guitar performance and e end of e term.frankly,i'm very reluctant to perform for my guitar.imagine this.u get to stay at home for one whole week(that is during chinese intensive and i believe i get an early holiday) and i gotta come back for like an hour just for e performance??UNFAIR! for e peicai idol,i'm afraid i'll screw it.but still,gotta thank e judges for thinking that we're(me and wanling) qualified to go to e finals..wahaha..

Next,e other doom's day i'm talking abt is not o levels.it's this end of e world thing that i heard from lisa today. maybe i'm more of a pessimist.but sfter lisa said this,it set me thinking.is e world seriously coming to an end soon?and i admit i was kinda scared.cos i dun wanna die so soon.so many stuffs unfinished.haha..but yea,that's e fact.anyway,this was wad she told me and i wonder,wad is it like to come to the end of the world?everything come crashing down?and earth became like wad it was millions of years ago?where onli animals exist??well,i hink that maybe if the world is seriously coming to an end,we shouldnt brood over it(though that's wad i'm doing now..i cant help but think..).instead,we should learn more to cherish our remaining time on earth right?since it simply means that we have to get on with life right?living life happily is still living life.living life sadly is stil living life.so wad not live happily huh?

well,i guess that's all bah..shall blog again some other time..maybe in e june holidays..shall start studying now.chinese prelims tmr..ppl jia you!!good luck!

[whiling my time away studying..]