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Friday, January 20, 2006

haven been watchin tv for almost 2 weeks.suffered for almost 2 weeks and it's all over now.here are the things which happened the past week.

fri,13/1-friday the thirteenth.bad luck.grandpa's condition took a turn for the worse.received news that he might not live through the night.everybody went hysterical.cried and cried and cried though we told ourselves we gotta be strong for grandma.this was alarm no. 1.he fell asleep and we,the lil' ones went home to sleep ard 2.i went to my cous' hse to sleep.

sat,14/1-woke up at 9 plus and had late breakfast.then we had alarm no 2.grandpa was given oxygen through the tube.went home near 8 to shower and take a rest.mum went to sleep ard 9.then came alarm no 3.second uncle called at 11 to say that grandpa's bp couldn be measured.woke my mum up and went down.but grandpa was alright when we reached,he had his oxygen mask on.everyone decided to camp there in case anything happens again.

sun,15/1-last and final alarm no 4 came.grandpa ended his sufferings on earth at 12.40.grandma was crying inconsolably.

mon,16/1-went for funeral after school.had chantings which ended ard 10.then went home to sleep.

tue-17/1-everybody wasnt in their right frame of mind.cases of mistaken identity everywhere.mixing up dates,mistaking tuesday for saturdays..looking for people who are standing right in front of them arent surprising either.must say that it served as a relaxant for all of us.smth spooky happened too.this lady in yellow night gown was walking to and fro ard e wake area and den she suddenly disappeared.the next instant,the toilet door mysteriously losked itself.the scdf ppl came and took quite a while to unlock it.and there was NOBODY inside!!yucks!creepy..

wed,18/1-cancelled squash and band cos there was chanting going on at night.prayers ended ard 10 and many ppl turned up.all of us were kept busy till 12 ba..cous' brought hmwk to do.so i helped e adults with e blankets..

thur,19/1-we(the cousins) slept near 4.wanted to wake up at 5 to eat ice-cream to keep ourselves awake but ended up sleeping till 7.had breakfast.visitors started coming ard 9 to acompany grandpa on his final journey.left for mandai ard 12.40.managed to keep cool during the cremation.

fri,20/1-woke up at 8.30 and reached grandma hse at 9 to depart for mandai to collect grandpa's ashes.his bones were very brittle.it was hollow due to the morphine injected throughout his stay in the hosp.his bones were pink with some spots of green.

that's all for now.shall blog some other day.school's fine.i think the teachers in NY are really great.friendly lot of teachers but they never fail to make u listen to them.CT 0625 is great too but there's lots of room for improvement.we could be more talkative..=)
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

health..sickness..that's wad really make a person go bonkers..especially if it's incurable..just on monday,my grandpa's illness took a turn for the worse..doctor said he might not be able to make it through this month..everybody rushed to the hospital..me,my cousin and uncle were like the last to reach..
the sight i saw really broke my heart..just the day before,he looked alright.though he looked sickly,the sight of him in e hospital on mon was really scary..i almost couldnt recognise him..the lump on his neck and his legs swelled..it was terrible..i felt like crying..but told myself that if i cried,it'll be as if i had opened a dam,everybody might just start crying..this is the very first time i see my grandpa so sick and he looked so innocent.he couldnt even recognise some of us..sometimes he'll just smile very cheerfully den fall asleep again.i believe anybody walking pass wouldnt think that his condition is so serious..we cousins all sat outside the ward,chatting,stoning..cos we cnt go home yet..den..my grandma fainted..initially all of us thought smth bad happened to our grandpa cos the bed was pushed out and i saw my uncles and aunties rushing out..but yea..most prob. our grandma fainted due to the painful sight of his life-time partner and due to the bad flu she was having..so all of us shuttled between the a&e and the ward..

my cousins and i stayed over at my grandma hse and we were disturbed from our sleep twice..the first time was when our grandma came back from the a&e..second time was when our grandma was crying very loudly cos my uncle told her smth(dunno wad was t cos we woke up when our grandma cried)..then,my mum and aunties tried comforting herbut ended up crying too..could only see a grp of ppl crying on the bed cos it was too dark to see anything else..

luckily,the doctor prescibed a new medication to my grandpa and it seems to be working..he's able to eat now and i believe he's more aware of his surroundings now i believe..didnt go see him today cos i ended school late..most prob i'll go down tmr since my lecture ends very early..oh well..that's all for now..

[do take care of ur health ppl..]
Saturday, January 07, 2006

was reading my cousins' blogs just now and realised that they mentioned abt my grandpa's condition.well,yea..maybe the adults shldnt hide it from him.but according to my dad,he knows all abt it but not how much time he's left.yes,their intentions are understood but its really hard on them.imagine,looking as if nth happen in front of him and crying behind his back.that's very tiring.if this carries on,everybody will break down one day.of course,we cant look glum all the time.haix..i dunno lah..but i guess this is the time where it can really bond us together and learn to take responsibilities to make sure that the shop would have enough ppl and there's somebody at home with my grandparents bah..but everybody has started school,there is no one left at home to help out.well,i'm sure the adults will work out smth though..=)

i'm sick!!!argh..after screaming and shouting so much,i'm having a bad blocked-nose..-_-" funny yea?instead of a sore-throat,i have a blocked-nose..haha..dunno why also..maybe cos i used my 'dan tian' to project my voice..haha..having muscle ache everywhere..think i too long nvr excercise le ba..haha..whee..it's raining e whole day and i'm so bored!!!alrighty..i tink i'll go play my sims 2..haha!
Friday, January 06, 2006

hey hey..mandy arh..i think that both of us has serious problems with our eyes yea??couldnt see each other when we're sitting so close to each other..haha!!

rite..orientation was fun..learnt lotsa new cheers,mass dances..really fun..but the dances all need a guy and a girl to dance together de..haix..hmm..there's this really interesting cheer that has the words 'fight-kill' and 'cheese-pie' together..so if u mispronounce it while cheering,it's really bad..haha..went sentosa on thur(5/1/06) and got myself sun burnt..haha..i look like a little lobster again..haha..

oh yea..saw quite a number of friends there..long lost friends..haha..saw cynthia..xue qi(really lost for a long time)..geok ting..amanda wong..tink that's all bah.i cant rmb who else i saw le..haha!i have a bad memory..

starting or lectures on mon and i wonder if it'll go on fine..somehow,i tink that e school didnt convey their msges well enough.for example,the LEP thingy,they say that we'll be notified before school starts so i thought i wasnt in.then suddenly,they say that i'm in cos i applied for it..weird eh?haha,i also dunno.initially i thought that i wasnt in so i already had the mindset that i am 'severing ties' with chinese.but now??i feel so sad that i'm still taking chinese.so boring.but hopefully,i can drop it sfter the first 3 months..i'm getting bored with chinese..haha..esp when LEP involves all e poems and stuffs.heard that we're supposed to translate them from e 'old chinese' to the 'modern chinese'.it'll be tough..argh!!i got myself into all this 'trouble'.haha.