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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

right right..so now i've stepped on your toes. probably i've really gone passed my boundaries. but hey, i hope you understand. its not as if i know ur family k. if i know ur family, i'd gladly tell you that i'd get it even when u're not home. but the thing is, i dun even know them! and to begin with, i'm not that close to you. so what am i suppose to tell whoever opens the door?

me: '' hi, i'm here to collect what XX helped me scan in.''
family: ''oh, there you go.''
me: ''thanks. bye''

um..okay..if thats really what you want. i'd go there like a postman. but i'm more free in the afternoon. you should know me good enough that i don't go out AT NIGHT. what's more is that i dun even have sch tmr!

so much for me trying to get you smth in this big mall. just so that i can get it to you to thank you. the turmoil of wondering what exactly should i get for you that is practical, what is useful. the turmoil of wondering ''is it really worth going through all these hussle and bussle just so that i can please you?''

not like you're going to read this blog. but i just want you to know. everything is done with a reason. irritation has set in. i know. no worries, you won't hear anymore from me after tmr.

probably till the day our friend flies off and we meet up. things may not be the same again.