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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Third time I'm blogging today.Everytime i sign onto MSN, it seems to be a ritual to scroll down and check if he's online.No way.I'm not going to let it happen again.I've deleted him away from my contacts,just didn't block him that's all.

Somehow or other,he just keeps intruding into my mind today.He draws me to my comp,keeping a look out to see if he's online.I'm falling too deep into this dark abyss.Time to draw out of it.3 weeks to determine my results

Lost the momentum to study.Keep thinking about him.Crap.What's wrong with me?I need to keep myself occupied.

I got to start studying.Exams just next week and I'm not even 20% familiar with my physiology.I've not started anatomy.Sociology next wed, OTTP 1A on thur,I've not even started on them.

I need and want to let go.I shall not let this ruin our friendship.

Was browsing through blogs and so many were blogging about going for uni orientation.It just dawned on me how different life at uni and poly would be.Just the orientation alone tells it all.

Went back to NYJC on mon,met up with the teachers,chatted with them.All of them were shocked that I was in poly.Well,could tell from their expression that there's still a stigma on people going poly after JC life.But hey,this is a uni course which has been compressed to fit into the poly regime.If I had told you I'm overseas,I know your expression would be different.But in fact,I'm doing the same course.So why the prejudice?

Random thoughts went through my mind last night.Would he ever bother about me now that I'm not in any way troubled?He seems to be attached again.Doubt he's gonna give a damn about me already.

I left a foot print in his life.
He left an indelible print in my life.
HE said we'd meet.
I told him he'll plan our meeting.
I wonder if he really did.
Perhaps it was perfunctory,
Yet I took it for real.
Guess I'm just naive,gullible
To believe all that he said.

Time to move on.Yet I wonder if it's possible.

Whatever it is,I gotta concentrate on my studies for now.JIA YOU!=D
Saturday, July 26, 2008

New hairstyle!!!After almost 10 years of long hair, it's finally shorter.hahax.wanted it to be even shorter initially but e hairdresser said it wouldnt keep my hair straight.so yep.It feels kinda weird with short fringe though.hah!!

It's his 21st birthday today(rather,it means yesterday now),didn't send wishes to him cos he doesn't know that I know it's his birthday.I believe his friends celebrated for him though, judging by his MSN nick.Doubt he knows this blog exist,nevertheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!You're legally an adult now.Enjoy adulthood!=)

Week 15 of schooljust ended.EXAMS COMING!!Feel very unprepared,especially for physiology,don't seem to know anything at all. =X I need someone to tutor me physiology!!exams starts on 6 Aug, ends on 21st Aug.One extra week of hols compared to the rest of e cohort.Yay!!Have to really play hard this holiday cos that is gonna be the only holiday that there's no attachment for us.

JIA YOU OT 0801!!We're all gonna overcome this hurdle..=)
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I AM SO TOTALLY DISTURBED AND DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as most of you guys know(i hope) that I hardly hate people.But this time,I've seriously reached the limit.I totally abhor that person!!!!

Anyone in the right frame of mind that usually words that degrade women would bot be used unnecessary unless one really hates that woman.Nobody uses degrading words to joke to a female.Hey man,please know what's right and wrong k?Please don't act as if nothing is wrong just by denying everything..So what if you deny in front of us?Your conscience will act up on you someday.The fact that someone tells you that it's wrong to do something means that it is WRONG!Especially when more than 10 persons tell you the same thing,it seriously means that you are wrong!You went against the social norms!!

Urgh..Okay,it really sounds like I hate you alot.Well,I don't deny this fact.Anger just surge up and blinds the part of me that says I gotta be friendly with you whenever I see you.Really sorry for that.Feel really sorry for you cos you really seem to have no idea what the norms are.We can help, provided you are willing to receive help from us and stop living in self-denial.Prove to me that you can be a nice and 'normal' person.Otherwise,forget the fact that I can be nice to you.
Saturday, July 12, 2008

was looking thorugh which blogs were no longer in use and realised that many of my friends have stopped blogging.hahax..amazing how fast such fads just die off over time.every year every generation there'd be somthing that is so popular among the group and you realise that it's popping up everywhere.then as time goes by,you realise the number of people that were just setting up these accounts to keep up with trends.

not to say that i'm not one of them but yea,it doesn't make much sense to be creating so many accounts of similar variety(eg. friendster, facebook,flickr etc etc..)

oh wells, that was just a penny for a thought though.

exam timetable is out!last pape is on 21st!that means that i'm gonna get 1 more week of hols than stated in that handbook.seniors and tutors say that's probably the only hols we're gonna get!afterwhich,subsequent hols would be spent at the hospitals and clinics.not that it's, since we get exposed to what our job does, but yea, i can't imagine that situation where i'm gonna spend my hols trying to keep up to work.hehe.saturdays and sundays would be all that i'm going to have then i guess.=)

P.S. hwee!!i changed my 'intro' le..hah!=P