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Saturday, November 18, 2006

yay..going to e airport in abt 6 hrs time..yikes..i'm starting to feel excited..haha..but i'm gonna go there with terribly sore arms..haha..yoga today was fun..dunno how to elaborate on that..guess u'll know when u try..haha..

right..shall end here then..ciaox

can anyone tell me how to differentiate a star and satellite??
have been looking out into e sky practically everyday to look at stars for a few weeks..noticed this star that's always there..it looks really lonely..recently,another has appeared a distance away(and yes,its super far away).but this star flickers a great deal and seems larger and brighter than the other one i saw..thought the one that i saw at e beginning flickers alot le..but e new star seems 'worse'..haha

flying to china on this sunday..so far i have no special feelings abt it..haha..si hui says she wanna send me off..haha..but e flight is 7.40..wonder if she can make it there on time..haha..hope this will be a joyous and fun trip..first time flying this far without my parents..haha..hopefully i wont be sotong as to forgot to bring stuffs..haha..

oh well,nth else to write le..guess i'll blog again when i'm back..hopefully i can post pics taken there..provided yingen return me my cam cable..IT'S BEEN ON LOAN FOR A YEAR!!!
Monday, November 13, 2006

dreamt of my someone special last night..

couldnt remember wad it was exactly,but it was sweet.

alas,dreams are usually the exact opposite of the reality.......
Sunday, November 12, 2006

i wonder.

when will the day come when the person i like likes me back?

for years,i've fallen for people that i shld have avoided.why?why am i always one step slower than others?am i just slow by nature?has god deliberately made me this way?yikes..i hate it..

then again.what can i do?i'm in no position to tell anybody who they can like or cant like.

well,i guess i'm resigned to fate.perhaps the day will come when i find that someone someday..

this someone special now certainly doesnt like me.i'm sure..

once again,i'm typing in the dark..hate this feeling..its as if i'm doing something hideous..
Saturday, November 11, 2006

had my first yoga lesson today and it was FUN!!hahax..did lotsa stuffs and now my hand is aching..according to e instructor,some movements can actually help burn off e fats at e waist area..muahaha..i'm waiting for that to happen..he said that it helps build leg muscles too..(he claimed that we wont feel tired after climbing a mountain..haha..i wonder if its true though..)

my aunt and grandma went to visit my granduncle today..apparently he had underwent a surgery to remove his tumour(which was a malignant one) and also 1/8 of his liver on 7th nov but we were only notified abt this on e 9th..amazing huh??so my grandma went down today and saw that his child all went home le..nobody was there to look after him(he just came out of e high dependency unit),,according to e adults...his child took it as if they were visiting some ill relative during visiting hours nia..so anyway,grandma was reminded of grandpa..how he was suffering for that one month and how everything seemed to be..arh..all e bittersweet memories is flooding back again..why bittersweet??bitter cos our grandpa has left us..sweet cos it made e entire family more united and we cousins are even closer than before..in fact,it was during that crisis that we actually went out together for the first time..oh well..those will just be a part of e beautiful memories that we cousins will share i guess..probably,that was the time we had to unite and face up to e challenge and yes,we conquered it..=)
Friday, November 10, 2006

had my OP and i guess i kinda screw up my Q&A..sort of answered smth that was totally irrelevant to e qn my accessor asked..argh!!other than that,i guess it went on rather smoothly..all with e clicking on to e next slides and e transitions of speaker..yay!!

e groups before were actually better than us in terms of presentation..cos e first grp actually went to e extent of making a donation tin for their topic on autism and brought piles of books from e library to bring out their idea!!e second group did their entire presentation in a form of a 'talk'..theirs was abt differentiated GP learning,so they did their presentation in a fom of 'education review'..interesting ya??haha..unlike my group(or maybe class?) cos we were really e 'traditional' kind of presenting..haha..

met up with my chi pw grp(bored yea?after e eng pw,i still had a CHI PW!!)..finalised our survey and went out with si hui to watch death note!e show wasnt too bad..but i yawned alot..i guess e show was kinda boring to me..wasnt as fascinating as my friends made to be..but still,it's quite interesting..kira was really sick in e mind..imagine killing ur loved one just so that u would be protected from getting ur identity revealed?yikes..sicko..haha..but he does exudes some kinda charm in him when he's wth shiori..quite shuai afterall..L wasnt too bad..but he slouch!!haha..he would have looked more charming if he stood up straight..haha..but he's cute too..yay..haha..looking forward to the second part of the show..believe taht it'll definitely be better than this first part..with so many more kiras..haha..it'll definitely be exciting..haha..
Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i blew my day away..started wheezing since i woke up this morning.and the cest thing is that i'm gonna have my op tmr..yikes.i'm so down on my luck.oh well,hopefully this flu bug will be gone by tmr morning,otherwise i guess i'll screw up e entire presentation and that's it..muahahaha..guess that's all i can say for now.hope everything will turn out to be good tmr..

all e best to everyone!!op starting tmr,we gotta preserve our voice..drink honey!!
Saturday, November 04, 2006

oh well,feeling really moody.really wonder what's the problem with me.i can be really hyper at times and my mood just plunges down to the bottom of the valley the next.even my mum told me i'm different today.what's wrong with me??urgh..it sucks.

just when i thought i've let down a burden,another one just come along.it's really heavy carrying it alone.i wonder when will i have someone to share it with me so it gets lighter?

even friends may be really a taxing thing at times.there are times when u know you shouldnt be doing smth,yet because of ur buddy,u did smth against ur conscience.though others may see it as smth really small,it means alot to that someone cos they're working against their principles.at the same time,u wish u could tell ur other friend the truth,but u cant.u're betraying the other friend.complicated eh?

pw is finally coming to an end.just when i thought i can forget all abt researches,i have a chinese pw coming.with the amt of homework piling up,i really wonder if there would be a chance for me to take a break.time passed really quickly.its near the end of the year.2007 will be an important year.i know i cant afford to slacken even now.why?i wonder.is life meant to be so full of ups and downs that we have no time to take a breather.not even for a few seconds?the j2s are leaving the school,it'll be our turn soon.eeks..it's really scary.1 year isnt long,neither is it short.to cramp in all that we've learnt just for exams,it's really frwaky.we arent studying for interest.we're studying for exams.when will it be the time for us to study because we want to study?i wont deny the fact that studying is better than working.but at least we get to choose what kind of job we want ya?haix..it seems to me that nothing we do is for our sake.cos everything we do is so that we can fit into the society,so we wont fall behind.

ouch.the truth hurts.