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Sunday, December 26, 2004

BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS guys!!hahas..may all ur dreams come true and god bless!!hahas..today's boxing day..so happ boxing day!!*bleahss..*

christmas was fun..i had lotsa fun but apparently,i 'missed' out a fire scene that happened..haha!i went to my uncle's hse ytd..it was a sorts family gathering cum christmas party..i played carom with my cousins e whole day..den sometime during evening,a fire broke out in e rubbish chute at my uncle's block..my cousins and i all thought somebody was having a bbq somewher nearby so didnt care until my aunt came to ask us why we didnt join e crowd to see e firemen putting out fire..den we were like.."wad??!!a fire broke out?ohh..we missed it manx.."haha!!noe its lame larh..but imagine,when can u see a fire breaking out?heard frm my aunt that when they open e shutters of e rubbish chute,e rubbish all popped out of e rubbish chute..so i guess it's smth like popcorns popping out?hahas..:P den ch 8 news reported abt e 'haunted hse' in ponggol..and its near my cousins hse!!hahas..heard frm my aunt that there used to be a couple who hanged themselves to death ther..that's why..hmmx..ooh..did i mention that i played carom with my cousins e whole day?we were practically sitting there aimindg and shooting seeds e whole day..played with them till midnight 12.30 am!!then went home..haha!!

hmm..somehow,i'm not feeling very happy though..there's some probs with some ppl.haix..viv will know wad i'm talking about..our friendship is coming to an ed i guess.viv u noe who i'm talking about yea?
i'm not a toy-u cant throw me away when u're tired of me.
i'm not an item-u cant give me away even if u dun like me.
i'm not smth that u can use money or anything to measure-i'm invaluable.
why?u may ask.
because I'M A HUMAN.i have feelings,i have rights.i'm not anything that u can kick around or play with.maybe viv is right.u're toying with our feelings.i dont know.for a period of time,u always call me and dun call viv.den the next?u keep calling her but not me.what's this suppose to mean?i've not talked to u yet,i dunno wad it is.if u want respect and privacy.i hope u'll think back.i've given u e respect u need,the privacy that u require.but have u ever respected me?have u ever given me respect?

[i'm a human with feelings,not a cold steel robot..]
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Fate, that what will get you together, some where
you weren't planing to go, some thing you
didn't want to do but some thing told you to do
so, and here they are, standing in front of
you, you know you will find the perfect match
one day, just trust your feelings and it will
lead you where they are.

Where will you find love?
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

rite guys..so sorry for not updating my blog..hehe..hmmx..frankly,i have no idea wad to update for e time being..have been going back to school fore notice board and e dateline is tmr..haix..but its finishing soon larh..got my cca pratice..so sian!!haha..haven complete my homework..still left alot..haha!!rite..that's all for now..bye!!