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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

holiday is ending SOON!!!oh no..that means my exams are just around the corner!!in fact,it starts the day after tmr..weird yea??we actually start school a day earlier for our gp paper..that's so sick!some jcs had their gp paper before the hols started..that was better,nevertheless,i'm having it on fri..haix!oh well,at least i end my exam a day earlier than others..haha!there's so many things undone,my gp presentation and pw..thinkk my group is progressing really slowly..like a snail crawling..hahax..

shant blog again till next fri le..tata!!
Monday, June 05, 2006

hmm..let's see..going out later with li hui and june to watch da vinci code..hope it'll turn out nice..=)
went to see grandma on sat and we saw pierre png and andrea de cruz.spotted pierre png when he entered e hosp but wasnt sure if it was him initially so i didnt say anything.but my doubts was confirmed when my uncle and mum told us that it really was them.they were there to visit one of their relative i think..cos according to my dear cousin,khee,she said the patient share the same surname as pierre png..she even tried peping into the room to catch a glimpse of pierre png..haha..den when all of us were stoning on the couches near the entrance,khee,wee and ghee came running to us saying that they're leaving the ward le..so all of us got into our 'positions' hoping to catch a good view of the celebs.think khee and ghee took out their hp to take pics..when they finally came out,they took their photos!!!what's worse was that they didnt switch their phone to silent mode so u could hear 'chi ching!' that was so embarassing!!!but yea..they look really compatible..pierre png was really shuai.. andrea de cruz had really fair complexion( my cousins said she's very skinny but i dun think so..) and i think she's tall..

yup yup..i guess that's all ba..
Friday, June 02, 2006

i'm back!!!had lep camp from mon to thurs at ntu..it wasnt too bad except for some lectures..all we did there was listen to talks and have breaks..that's it!we had a 3-part talk from a hongkong writer,tao jie.each part was 1 and 1/2 hr..we had 2 parts on mon and he last on tue.mon night was a talk by ex-mediacorp scriptwriter.he was a really funny guy,all of us laughed throughout his talk.after that,it was back to the hostel to rest.tue was almost the same except that we had to write essay from 1430 to 1800..den it was fun time cos we had lep idol and mass dance.we got to see dances from tj,jj and hci..think tj's the best bah..when everything ended,we(me,sun leng,xiao fei and gao fan) went to e guys' room to play cards..played till 11 plus before going to shower and sleep.wed we had performance by all groups.we had to plan a skit with a song that was given to us.my group was kinda unlucky cos we got a really old song called dong tian li de yui ba huo.so we came up with a really lame thing..haha..after which we went to shower( cos the guys say they wanna play through the night)so yea..we played till 3 plus in the morning cos we were chased back to the room by our teacher..haha..

went back to school today for more lep..den had math tutorial at 11.but it turned our disastrous.cos some ppl in our class kinda 'played' with e survey form so our teacher was really pissed and she called off the lesson.

going to the hosp later on cos grandma having leg op..oh well..that's all for today..:)