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Sunday, October 16, 2005

alright..friday was our last in school and i would say we left school in a pleasant and touching note.we had a special assembly after our english intensive and all e teachers that taught us gave 'speeches',telling us to work hard.ms mok was really creative i would say,putting in geographical terms into her 'speech' and i like miss lim's too.though i cant rmb wad she say exaactly,i knew that i cried,not e very dramatic kind but there were tears in my eyes.miss lee ck words were touching too.though she wasnt around during e assembly,i am really greatful that she spent lotsa collating and correcting mistakes in our notes.althoguh we made her angry a few times, she never gave up on us.yes, she would stop teaching us for a few days, 'forcing' us to do math,but that's a good way to make us pratice too yea?of course,i would be better if she wasnt angry,but well..hahas..
in a blink of an eye,it's now time for us to bid our goodbyes and move on.i came to this school with lotsa unhappiness,thinking that this school is a really bad school.i wanted a transfer,thinking that with my results, i deserve somewhere better. nevertheless, my parents refused to give in to my request despite my pleas.
as time went by, i started to like the school,the teachers and the friends that i have.i was blessed with the chance to become a student councillor and i made the best out of it.i learnt to tolerate with rumours,and sometimes threats made by students.i also learnt to deal with ppl and to interact with others.in sec 3, my results were dreaful,i was on the verge of giving up but i had my friends who helped me.i took my chinese o levels and was disppointed with my results but what's done cannot be undone- i cant retake. still, i am glad that i am in this school cos of the opportunities given to me which i might not have if i were in a better school.i am really lucky to have gotten this school.now that everything is coming to an end, i am proud to say that peicai is my school.it gave me opportunities other schools might not give me.thank you.
lastly, wish all of you will study hard.it's e last lap,WE CAN DO IT!=)