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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Realised that the last post was on a high note. And so I shall conclude this blog on a high note to announce that I've shifted! Have been using wordpress for quite some time for various reasons.

Started my new blog in wordpress ever since to blog about work, and life. That marks a new chapter as an adult, a working adult. This blog accompanied me through my student life, therefore it seems right that I should end it once I've started work. Yea, I know I blogged twice in this blog about my work right? But let's just leave it there cos I'm just too lazy to move them to wordpress. Another reason perhaps is because I used to write blogs so that people read it. But since I only gave my blog link to one person so far, wordpress blog is very much a secret and relatively unknown. Many personal things are up there, quite personal that I do not wish to talk about. So yup.

Ciaos to this blog. Memories shall be kept as it is. I guess I'll read it once in a while, a reminiscence of the past, of the bittersweet memories. New memories are created, recorded and kept somewhere else.