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Monday, July 26, 2004

alright des.. i'm back to blog again..i'm so tired..my hand's aching like mad and my face is like a cooked crab!!argh..i got sun burned..below is wad i did the past few days..

21/7-R.H.D.  wore a malay costume.viv and sandz tricked me into taking a photo with him..the two of them lied that it is going to be a 'three-person pic' but they force me to stand beside him..the two of them shld hav seen how reluctant the two of us were!!but then no choice, so we stood together lorh..den sandz was standng quite far away and i could tell that viv was onli focusing her cam on the two of us..its so sickening man!!yea well,at least we took a pic ya??but sandz,no use forcing if we arent meant to be k?changed into my skirt and pe shirt after school and went to amk for hmt.lessons were quite boring but managed to keep myself awake though..:P

23/7-went to chalet at aloha loyang after my hmt lessons.but i went home first.there was so many things to bring there..its as if we're going to some faraway land like that..reached there ard 8 and realised that everyone was there already!!but the bbq wasnt ready yet..so me, leng leng jie, see hwee, see ghee, see wee and some adults helped to barbeque the food..we took almost 2 hours to get the food cooked!!everybody was there eating titbits so that they won't be that hungry..then see hwa, see ghee and see khee helped to barbeque the mussels and white shells..see ghee kept eating the white shells and there was really little left for the rest of us..if my aunts did not ask him to stop,i bet he'll finish up everything!!we onli get to hav our dinner at 10 plus, 11..then see wee and family went home cos he and see khee had to go to school the nxt day..see ghee and family went home a little later..at ard 11.30,me, leng leng jie, bin jie and see hwee went to play badminton..played outside the bungalow..weird huh??playing badminton in the middle of the night..went to take a shower at 12.30 cos all of us were so sweaty and sticky..then i play monopoly with leng leng jie and bin jie until 3 am..hwee was already sleeping cos she had to go for SJAB the nxt day. yup..and we slept at 3am in the morning..

24/7-woke up at 6am in the morning cos hwee had to wake up early to go to her SJAB headquarters as she has competition den dunno why, everybody in the room woke up too..though i onli had 3 hours of sleep, i'm still quite energetic..had breakfast at 8am and did my homework..then i went to play tennis with bin jie, leng leng jie and my third aunt..i didnt noe how to play tennis so i anyhow whack the ball..but i learned frm leng leng jie..learn how to serve the ball, what is the correct way of holding the racket and how to hit the ball..its very fun but my hand's so tired..played till 12.30 and went for lunch. then we started blowing balloons, and decorated the chalet..hwee came back ard 1.30..then we hang balloons inside and outside the bungalow..we blowed alot but alot burst too..esp the green and yellow balloons..then we(leng leng jie, bin jie and see hwee) went off for a swim.my two aunts, see wee and khee joined us at the later time too..went to the jacuzzi,it was comfortable!!stayed there until 3.30pm and went to bathe,cos bin jie's friends and relatives were coming le..night time was the best..we had buffet dinner.then bin jie cut her cake(chocolate cake!!yummy..) at ard 9pm. all of had a handful confetti on our hands,and we threw it on her when she blew her cake..she got a big shock..haha!!then everything got so boring..so i called him(sorry peeps..i mentioned him again..) and we chatted for like 35 mins..long time didnt chat with him le..surprise that we still got so much things to talk abt..hahax..well, all in all, it was a great day..then i did my hw and slept at 12.30am..

25/7-well..woke up at 8.30 today..had breakfast..then we(the usual four plus see hwa..) went to play tennis again..my skills were better than ytd..we played til ard 11.30 and went back..then we had lunch(ytd's leftover..) and we went off to swim again at ard 1.30pm..the sun was burning hot then..but no one had sun block..so i gt sunburnt!!swam till 3 plus 4 before going back..the adults started bbqing already..cos all of us had to go to school the nxt day..had quite an early dinner and i went home ard 8.30. hitched a ride frm my auntie cos my dad is staying over at the chalet so he'll check out the nxt day..my grandparents,two aunties and bin jie(she start sch on 10/8) stayed too..reached home ard 8.30 but i was dead tired..packed my bag and took a shower and went off to sleep..

26/7-well..had the handing over ceremony..was taking the tray..i'm forever stuck to the tray..but it was quite fun though..had to 'give' the school flag to gen, then gen pass to marc..then i bring it to the backstage again..that was for the lower sec assm.for the upper sec, other than that, i had to 'give' this book that the sec 4s compile for ms ming and ms kodi and had to 'hold' the certs of recognition..quite fun a job larh..well..then i almost cry again..u guys shld noe why larh..dun rlly want to talk abt it..but then again,there wasnt any tears..actually there was larh..but ppl keep interrupting so i couldn't cry out..dunno why everytime i wan to cry sure got some distractions de.. yea well..guess that's all i hav to blog abt..shall update again when i hav the time..ciaox..

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

hahas..back to blog again..if u hav noticed,my font seems so much bigger now..all thanx to xinyi who has really poor eye sight..hahas..jkjk..anyway..i'm suppose to mention viv and mr maxx's name in my blog more often and dun mention 'his' name anymore..cos they are jealous..hahas..:P no lah..but cos they say i 'zhong se qing you', evertime mention his name in my bloggie den rarely mention theirs..and i heard he's alway coming to 'check' if i got him 'involved' in my entry..so i shall try my very best not to mention his name in my blog now k??*promise..*and yea..almost cried again today..i'm jus gettin crazier each and everyday..haiz..mr maxx and xinyi both say that my entries are so sad..okie lah..not very bah i guess..hehex..:p
the school had the emergency exercise today..it started ard 10 and ended ard 11.20..was one of the helpers..my job was so boring..stand at the gate with mdm faridah and slack..qiujin was in the ava rm with mdm sze..i was so bored..luckily herlina was there..so we chatted..then there were moe officers there..its like so lifeless there..but at the first aid rm, its so 'chaotic' i would say..everybody were so busy tending to the 'casualties' and there wasnt a chance for them to breathe..but me?jus stand there, slack and wait for parents to come and find their child..so boring..how i wish i could get that job there manz..hehex..school ended at 12.40 today so i got to go home early..muahaha..yupx..guess i shall end here le..ciaox
Friday, July 16, 2004

i'm finally back to blog once again..didnt noe that now i can do soo many things when i'm typing my entry now!

photo taking session for both the council and class.we waited for like one hour before it was our turn..cos we had to let the teachers go first..the phototaking for the council was real bad.i almost cried.those who were in the councillor rm shld noe.but only desmond lim and clarence aw noe the reason..not gonna say it here..dunno shld i say that it was meant to be fate or wad..when we were taking our class photo,his class jus finish some lab period and saw us taking the photo.then when it was the council photo,he stood behind me when we were lining up,comparing our height..i thought that i'm not gonna be that 'lucky' for him to be somewhere near me..who noes..he stood right behind me for the photo taking!!argh..dunno whether i shld feel happy abt it or not oso..
went out with viv,germ,soo wen,nian shun and mr maxx..went to orchard to walk ard..sad manz..nw this idioic fella frm dunno wad class say me and ns stead..wad RUBBISH!we're so innocent loh..jus sitting down waiting for the rest of our friends to arrive cannot arh?haiz..shan't talk abt it anymore..he didnt go out with us though he was supposed to..is he trying to tao bi xian shi(escaping frm reality) or wad??*ponders*
haiz..had my o lvl oral today..bad is the only word i can describe it..feel that the topic they give was so difficult!!the reading part was quite ok,think i can score in that part..maybe the xin wen du hou gan(newspaper report??)still can pass..but the ri chang hua ti(erm..daily life conv?i hav no idea wad this is in eng.)it is so difficult manz..they asked if u're happy with the current environment u are living in..den they ask wad ur dream hse is going to be like..i was jus..shocked..dunno how to answer so jus crap and crap..scared i'll do badly..argh!!it jus sux man..the topis on monday is so much easier..the xin wen du hou gan was on nkf-whether those stunts was worth doing..the ri chang hua ti was on 'jin ri shi,jin ri bi'(wadeva shld be done,is done today..hehex..dunno how to translate to english lah..)..wad the..so easy loh..haiz..jus my luck that the topic for today is sho difficult..
eh well..nth much to write for today lehs..nxt week is gonna be filled with events..hahas..tues gt the emergency exercise..and wednesday is racial harmony day!hahas..i'm getting really crappy ever since holidays ended..hehex..there seem to be some big problem with my comp and msn nowadays..my comp is so damn freaky laggin!!it takes roughly 15 mins to set up..it used to be 3 min, den 5,10, now its almost 15!!argh..and wad's worse is i hav really little things in my comp..its taking up less than half the space!!and my msn isnt cooperating with me..wanna go chat with ppl so badly but its not responding!!on many ppl's contact list, i appear to be online, den offline, online again,den off again..i've been signing for the past one hour and it still isnt working!!argh..this jus sux big time..
Thursday, July 08, 2004

hey peeps!i'm back to blog again..hahas..i've spent another year on earth..this shall be the 15th year on earth..the 'previous year' was quite ok. but it got really rocky near the end.yea well,received presents frm viv and gang,and frm mr maxx and hwee sien..thanx mummy!!ur card was nice..bet u spent alot of time cutting the cartoon out ya?and 'vien(hahas..so long nv call u this le..),thanx for the card yea?hahas..thanx to germ,meiyu,karina and many others too!u guys have always been there for me when i needed help and always there to help me up when i fell!and yont,thanx alot too..u made me a stronger person. thanx ppl!!if ur name is not mentioned,pls dun be sad!u're not forgotten,u're jus too precious to be named!!hahas..:p

[i'm gettin crappy today again!!]