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Saturday, December 31, 2005

hmm..it's the last day of 2005 and it's raining!!argh..hopefully it'll stop raining at night so i can go my grandparents' place to 'countdown' bleahx..actually i'm just going ther for fun since i'm not going anywhere for celebration.my aunt told me to play mahjong with them tonight though i'm still learning haha!!luckily not playing money..but then again,it'll only happen if it stops raining..so,please stop raining!!!haha..right..i'm so crappy.

the end of 2005 also signifies the start of 2006.i'll be going to jc.argh!!so fast it seems only yesterday that i was in p1 wor..haha..=P anyway,i managed to find quite a few friends going to ny..i have meiyu,cynthia,daphne and shu ying!!though i'm not close to cynthia,it's still good to have someone i know.shue,daph and i will be in the same hse but different orientation grp..hmm..was hoping that i would be in e same grp as shue so i can make up for all the lost time..haha..right..i tink i'll end here..i'vge crapped enough..=)

P.S. viv,if i managed to see *toot* i'll tell u..haha!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

yay..i'm back from my family chalet..its rather fun though there was also a piece of very depressing news..nearly cried when i first heard..i couldnt believe that this word would ever appear in front of me but yes,it does now..wad's worse is that it cant be cured cos it was discovered too late..can only try to contain it by medication..

anyway,i got bruised badly during the chalet cos of cycling..i cycled twice and i fell twice..super unlucky..the first time i bang into the gate and got scratches and bruised my left thigh..have 3 bruises(aka 'orh-ceh') on my thigh and my left middle finger is hurting..but no bruise..trying to make it appear though..haha..e second time,my cousin 'tompang' me and we fell..my feet bled..not very serious though..but it definitely hurts when i walk..haha..tik maybe becos it's near the bone ba..basically,all my injuries are on e left side..got a very bruise on my thigh and my cousin calls it the 'tapioca'..haha~ but yea..e second time when we went to cycle,alot of ppl fell la..my cousin brushed pass e gate and its swelling,another one fell off the bike and got a bruise on her leg too..haha..basically,we go there and return home with 'orh-ceh' on our legs..haha.scary huh???go for chalet to et injured..=P

basically during our chalet,we exercised alot..play tennis,badminton,volleyball,cycle and swim..but overall,we didnt burn of any fats cos our input was more than our outpt..haha!!oh yea..and we ate chicken everyday for every meal..not veggie at all..only had abit of salad on e second and third day..so yea..kinda bored of chicken le..i miss veggie..haha..oh..e bed that me and my cousins slept on were very squeaky..if we turn or just move a little,it'll squeak..very noisy,so all of us end up not moving unless necessary..

hmm..i guess that's all ba..might not be blogging for the rest of this month le..it depends..cos of all e problems happening at home..it's worrisome..morale is low at home..even when we were at the chalet..we had to act as if nth happen in case the elderly sense that smth is wrong..it's really terrible..hope that everything's gonna be fine.

oh anyway,i got into NANYANG JC!!
Friday, December 16, 2005

wah..i'm going off for chalet in a few hours' time lo..haha..so happy..but then again,smth cropped up at home..so basically we cant really enjoy our chalet le..hai..its like..we were 'choosing' our chalet dates so that everyone could enjoy this chalet..who know..smth like this cropped up..bad thing somemore..it kinda dampen our spirits..especially the adults..cant really blame them though yea?who could anticipate sucha thing??hai..hope that everything would turn out well ultimately..i'll be praying..
Monday, December 12, 2005


we now have a official class blog for our class and there will be constant updates on our class chalet which would e held on 13 and 14 march 06.we have cluster leaders and ur cluster is according to the row u are in.that means,if u are siting in e last row,ur cluster members would be those ppl who were sitting in the last row.understand??so pls visit the blog as often as u can to check if there are any changes k??click here to visit our class blog.
Saturday, December 10, 2005

hai..i'm so depressed..i lost all my prom photos!!!!!!so unlucky..stupid photoshop person..why u anyhow delete photos from ppl's memory card??!!any idea wad is call 'rights'?when customer say dun want,it doesnt give u the rights to delete them!u shld just ignore those and print those that the customer say'i want',not delete the 'dont want' photos!!!argh..dumb dumb..i want my photos back!!!hmph..

[i'm screaming my heads off..]
Friday, December 02, 2005

i'm getting bored of the holidays..cooped up at home doing nth ..unles u count rotting at home smth to do..hai..thought i would be enjoying after o's..but no!!o'm dreading it now..everydazy is the same..wake up,pack room,watch tv,play comp,go out..arh..i'm dying of boredom le la..last week went pretty fast though..cos of the preparation of prom and going out practically everyday..but this week?i'm home almost everyday except mon..hai..wish daph would be back in s'pore soon so we can start planning our class chalet..at least there would be smth for me to do then..btw,peeps,do send me some prom and farewell party pics..am having difficulty locating all my pics that are in other ppl's cam!!gee..thanks alot!

p.s:clem!thanks a million for ur help!!=)

p.p.s:enjoy ur holidays!!though i ain exactly enjoying it..haha!