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Saturday, January 15, 2005

hey guys..so sorry for not updating for sucha long time..was rather bored bloggin so stopped for a while and i was really busy last week..and oh..a very very very late happy new year to u guys..

frankly,i gotta say that my year hadnt start on a really good note.on e first week,i failed my a math test again..then,just this week,my grand aunt passed away.sddenly i realised how fragile life could be.even if u are a very healthy person,u could just collapse one day and move on to the next phase of ur life.

well,maybe i really got to appreciate the people around me and cherish all the happy moments i have with them.but somehow,i always seems to forget that.at the same time,we cant depend too much on them.cos u'll realise that once they're gone,u cant live on.just like my granduncle,he depended alot on my grandaunt cos she has always been his 'personal chauffer'.now that she's gone,he hasa to depend on himself.of course.i'm not saying that we shld live alone on our own and isolate others.we can still depend on our friends to do stuffs for us,but not always,only when u're too busy..

right now,i wonder if my parents would find me to be an unfeeling person.cos i didnt cry on e funeral.for all e past four nights,i did not shed a single drop of tear.until today when she was cremated,e tear that has beeen struggling to break free came down.but not for long,cos i know that once i start crying,i cant stop.

then,a thought came to my mind,i want a real elder brother.even if its a god brother,i wouldnt mind.and he has to be recognise by my family,cos its not a play play thing that we students usually do..it dawned on me how important a role siblings play a part in our life.not only do they influence us,they are also there to give us mental support and advice when our lifes get bumpy.but yea,i guess i'm not fated to have a sibling.the only ppl i can turn to when i'm troubled are my friends and cousins.but they cnt be there for me forever,they have their own path to go..only siblings can be there for u forever,no matter how not close u guys are,they'll always help u when u need.

so ppl with siblings,appreciate it.not everybody is blessed with siblings.thank god that u have siblings to turn to when u're troubled.no matter how deep ur hatred is with them,u guys are still siblings,its a fact that u cant change.blood is forever thicker than water.dont complain that ur brothers or sisters are troublesome.dont complain that they're always fighting with u over stuffs.they're the happiest times in ur life.trust me,u'll miss all this 'fightings' and quarrels when u guys have ur own family.

alright,enough of that.i shall end this entry here.when will my next be,i have no idea too..i'll blog occasionally..so take care till then.

[cherish all that u have and be thankful]