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Monday, May 18, 2009

IT'S FINALLY OVER!After all that hassle with publicity,elections are finally over.Though I got a post that I wasn't really very keen(Liaison & Logistics Officer),and not a post that I was running for in the first place,it's still something I have not tried before.So yep,I'd just have to brace with whatever is coming.=)

Foresee a busy year 2 school life with the SC coming up,but hopefully studies would not be affected.THe promise made to myself is not forgotten and it will be my ultimate goal.
Thursday, May 07, 2009

In an twinkling of an eye, we've entered week 3 of Year 2, Sem1.In that one year in OT, I wondered to myself, what have I learnt?How are they useful to me in future when I am a practicing clinician?All the answers were pretty fuzzy initially. Yet now as a year 2 student, I gradually understand their importance. Anatomy lays my foundation for BSM,which then allows me to know which muscles are activated under what conditions, hence allowing me to know what deficits a client would have with a lesion in that muscle. Sociology allows me to know how culture and family influences one's values and beliefs, thus reinforcing the fact that each individual is unique.Psychology lays my foundation for Psych disorders as well as to LLD,and perhaps Play and School.OT modules lays my foundation for future transfers,reasoning and many many more.

I wonder if I do have the appropriate time management skills with the increasing workload, adding on to the coming new role as the EXCO for the SC. Hopefully this would not add on to my current workload.

Was supposed to try out lifeguard today but since twinnie ended lesson late, we didn't go.Had dinner with clique and it brightened up my day.Missed the laughter that we had and it is one of those rare days where I get to go home with them again now that I'm not in the same class as them.

Haha,haven't blogged for months and I'm losing the hang of it.I need to brush up my english as well as my chinese.Is it really possible for one to be bilingual?I wonder.