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Sunday, December 24, 2006

i'm tired..mentally..

i need a rest..

Life seems to be moving on in such a fast pace that i sometimes wonder if i can ever catch up with it..Technology is moving fast. Our trains our moving fast. We rush to work. We rush through our meals. Ever stopped to look at the surroundings carefully? When was the last time u noticed someone near u has left u? When was the last time u stopped to take a look at the people ard u?When was the last time u sat down and listened to the beautiful music ard u?

All of us are kept to our own small world.on the bus,we text people,we listen to our mp3s. At home,we watch the tv,on the computer,oblivious to what's going on outside the small screen. Why must things progress? Why must there always be improvements? Does improvements always mean that we'll feel happy? I doubt so.

While we think that having lifts at HDB blocks are good enough,we now want lifts that stop at every level. So when we have that,we want lifts that reach our level fast. And we're done with that,we want even better lifts. Arent we greedy?

When we make our first million,we want a second,a third and many many more millions to be made. Yet, are we feeling happy? Ao what if we have lots of money? Can that buy us happiness? Can that buy us friends? Can that satisfy that little devil that's in our heart? NO.

However, we let this devil continue to make us miserable.

Take a businessman for instance.He slog hard. He gained alot in return. Yet, he's actually lost many invaluable things. Along the way, he lost true friends,he lost capturing the beautiful sights He lost his love for his business. Nope, I'm not saying that being a businessman is bad. He can still have a happy family. He can still have many true friends. But, does he have time for them?

Take another man, just a simple man who works for the company. He may not have all the wealth in the world. But he has his friends who share with him. He enjoyed many breath-taking scenery created by nature.

Which do you prefer? I prefer the latter.
Sunday, December 17, 2006

back to blog again..have been losing sleep the past few days..in fact,its near to a week of insomnia..can go to bed at 1am,and fall asleep only at 3am??!!!that's bad..especially when school's reopening in 2 weeks' time..can i cure it?can anyone tell me how i can get rid of it??pls dun tell me to eat sleeping pills or anything though..that's so totally out of the qn..hais..typing in e dark again..

went our with hwee on thur..watched happy feet..nice show..give it 9/10..gave a full view of how penguins look at certain things.it made me think twice abt throwing litter into e sea..how smth small to humans may mean smth big to others..perhaps we shld think twice abt our actions..everything is a cycle..wad we do will some day get back to us..

been watching this jap show these few days..called 'one liter of tears'..talks abt how this 15 year old girl fights with a rare incurable disease..very touching..cos it's made from e life of someone in jap..

well..i'll stop here..hope i'll stop here..will blog again..ciaox..
Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh crap,i've been totally deprived of my comp and tv for almost a week.Why?Cos of my grandma.

Nope,I dun blame her for all this,she didnt want this to happen too.But still,the entire schedule this week was going to e hosp, back home,sleep,go geylang polyclinic,hosp..and the cycle continues....so i mugged while i was in e hosp.Rather productive i would say.

Attachment is finally over.Quite happy cos I can sleep in.Nevertheless,the attachment was rather enriching.At least I learnt how to speak dialects. In the past, I understand but to string them up to make a sentence?It was quite horrible.Especially when you're facing a group of dialect experts.Writing the reflections now.Kinda lost as to how to write.Everything I did for six days is THE SAME! How am I supposed to produce 6 different reflections?grr..e teacher-in-charge and 'leader' was rather irresponsible.e teacher was ard for only A DAY. The leader who was supposed to be 'responsible' was practically late everytime.Horrible.
Monday, December 04, 2006

okie..i'm finally blogging..was back from china on 25th nov..it was a fun and enriching trip..saw many things that we dun get to see in singapore..how the students studied there and their sanitations..it was rather bad in those less developed areas..toilet is only up to ur waist area so u can actually see e person in e next cubicle..shant talk abt it much..wait till u get e photos uploaded first..hehe..

went for my work attachment less week..it was on mon,wed and fri.sad to say,our attachment has no money!!cos it somehow became a CIP thing..amazing huh??feel so cheated..furthermore, it was stated that we would get to do stuffs like physio and measuring blood pressure for e elderly..CRAP!!so yea..allwe did for e past week was just talking to e elderly..basically only learnt how to speak dialect..diaox..had to do performance for e elderly today and it enede up having one of e elderly to perform for us..he was really high..talked alot too..haha..den there was this other lady who kept hogging on to us..talk and talk for a really long time..very 'long-winded'..so me and my friends got trapped there for abt 10 min??only managed to leave the place at 1pm when our dismissal was at 12.30pm..

shall stop here..will blog again e next time round..=)