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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HOLIDAY ARE FINALLY HERE!It has been such an arduous journey getting by Year 1 Sem 2.But I'm glad we made it through!For once,I really feel the bond between people. There is no clear distinction which class anyone is in.We do things ogether,as an OT Year 1 cohort.And I have to say that is a really great feeling.

Just came back from our OT chalet,and it was really fun!Almost the entire cohort turned up and all of us had lotsa fun.Desiree, Eunice,Justyn and Chee Kiong were sitting in a corner,drinking,going really high.Syams came and all of us were really glad to meet him again.Some went for night cycling,others just sitting around chatting.

Went for kbox with the OT cohort on Monday to celebrate sylvia's birthday.Surprised her at kbox in amk and sang our hearts out with songs that most of us know.IT has been a really LONG time since I enjoyed myself so much.Whee!

Gonna go for UKM in KL next Wednesday and I'm looking forward to it!OT rocks my world.=))

Aim: 1)To be a good clinician upon graduation
2)To go to UoS upon graduation