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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feel so stressed now.I finally learnt the big lesson on how serious the consequence can be if one is careless.This is such a big price that I really have no idea how I should break the news.If I had read the contract more carefully, this wouldn't have happened.

If I had read the contract carefully, I would be able to negotiate more with the hotel and none of this would have happened.Now, I'm staring at the screen,wondering how should I tell Miss Ming about it.

Big lesson learnt.=(
Sunday, June 08, 2008

Friday marked the end of week 8,which meant that our holidays are here!!Well,the class ended our day in a pretty low note due to the fact that Fang Li would be leaving us to study in FASS and Phebe broke the news that she'd be leaving to retake her A's.From a class strength of 19,we're now left with 16(Chern Ling withdrew weeks ago).It's really sad seeing them leave having mugged and braved through all the anat lab sessions together.Nevertheless,they thought long and hard before making this decision.Then again,we'll still be able to meet during the hols.
All the best girls!

Now that holiday has started,it means that it's time to start mugging physiology!!8 weeks worth of notes to study.Gotta really pull up my socks for this module considering the fact that I've not been paying attention to any of Dr Tan's lect.haha!1 project and 2 tests down!That means that I'm left with 2 more projects and 1 more test.haha,life in poly isnt what I imagined it would be.Sometimes,it seems tougher than studying A's.Oh wells,I made the choice myself.Doubt uni life would be any easier.haha!