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Monday, June 14, 2010

This is my haven!

Haven't blogged for months. And I'm finally having holidays!

Year 3 Sem 1 Term 1 just passed by like that, we only had school for like 5 weeks? another 5 weeks or so and I'm out of school again!

CE3A was good, minus the fact that i was a little more passive. I WILL BE A MORE ACTIVE LEARNER IN THE COMING ATTACHMENTS! And I have to be! Time seriously flies cos in a year's time, I'm going to graduate and become a therapist.

Had director's list presentation on the last Wednesday of the school term and once again I'm motivated to study hard(er) and aim to be in the list (at least once!!). GPA score has been dropping since Year 1 so I have to work hard! Which is to say holidays is the time i catch up on my work. hahaha..

So tempted to go play pool, watch my TV show. I'm a TV addict. to the max. LOL.

Anyway, something drastic happened last night which left me in shock. Exactly how vicious/violent a person can get? Hopefully things will turn out to be fine.=)