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Saturday, May 29, 2004

the long awaited school holiday is finally here.. but it feels so weird.. it seems to me that this holiday is going to be such a boring one.. dunno why oso leh.. but i think maybe becos this school term is just too 'eventful' le bah.. so now school term end le like so weird like that.. hahaz.. one week of intensive chinese is oso over.. found that it was very beneficial to me.. learnt quite a few useful techniques in dealing the paper.. though i feel that the first two days i was like totally switched off.. den starting frm the third day, i all of a sudden realise the importance and the purpose of this intensive chinese thingy.. hmm.. guess that's all bah.. shall blog again some other time..
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

hmm.. two days of intensive le.. it is kinda boring.. everyday having chinese while others are having their post exams activities.. haiz.. but nvm lah, nxt year they have intensive, den i dun hav(that's wad i think lah), den i can slack alot.. hahaz.. hmm.. very sian leh now.. nth for me to do.. holidays coming le.. in just a few days time.. hahaz.. so good!! but then the that would also mean that the sec 4s o's are nearer.. haiz.. this two days he sit behind me, so i'm always trying to get a chance to sneak a look at him.. see him concentrating hard on his chinese.. but i think he kinda irritated with me nowadays.. dunno why got that feeling oso.. so these few days i dun really dare to talk to him in case i irritate him further.. well.. if 'you' are reading my blog, wish u all da best in ur chinese o's and really sorry if i did irritate u..
Friday, May 21, 2004

hmm.. today got back some results le.. was quite happy with my physics results.. i passed, got b3!! yay!! it's so unexpected manz!! got back my english too.. got a b4.. geog elec i got 30/50.. okie lah.. so far, so good.. hope that i will receive some As on monday.. but i have to go for the intensive chinese thingy and my frens be the one taking the papers for me!! hahaz.. guess that's all that i can say for now le.. blog again some other time..
Tuesday, May 04, 2004

hahaz.. two entries in a day.. so sian.. no mood to study for my chemistry test tmr.. *haiz..* for some reasons, i feel so moody.. also dunno why.. though exams is just around the corner, i'm not in the mood to study.. *sigh!* feel that my life now is in such a big mess.. people is now spreading the rumours and i really wish to know who started spreading it, how did the councillors in 3H know, and is there any way that i can stop it.. dunno why, but i'm beginning to wonder, if i had not told him about it, would it have been better? would things have turned out differently? would the ending be dfferent? would there be any rumours? if i did not confess to him, would my frens be kaypo and tell him?? so many unanswered questions.. so many doubts.. 7 weeks has passed since i confessed to him, but there doesnt seem to have any difference.. how i wish i could go back in time. how i wish i had not confessed to him. how i wish, none of this actually happened. how i wish, everything would go back to normal.......

hahas.. created this blog today and this is my first entry!!hmm.. why i have a blog? guess this is the onli place i can confide in if i have any problems bah.. and its like everyone have it now.. furthuermore, i dun realli have the time to write in my diary nowadays too(kinda weird huh?? have time to come online yet no time to write diary.. hahaz..) sometimes life realli sucks, but hey, don't death sucks more?? *haiz..* time seems to have flown by really quickly, it seems as though i just confessed to him yesterday.. everything seems to be getting back to normal, but not as normal i hoped it is.. ppl is spreading it, why?? i have no idea.. how they noe? i dunno. someone out there, do u have a answer for me?? i seriously want to noe who start spreading it. why did they want to spread it? are we realli impossible to be together?? someone PLEASE give me answer...