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Sunday, September 30, 2007

okie..here are my results.aint exactly happy with it..rather bad in fact.

Chem-U(cos i missed a paper)
Math-B(and it's cos i got 59.5 -_-")
C Lit- C(and i'm so proud of it)

man..can somebody just tell me how to study gp?or at least,let me know how to score..
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i'm stressed.somehow,it seemed that i can handle any subject but my language.esp my GP.can someone tell me how to pass it?i just want to pass.that's all.i harbour no further hopes for GP except to pass.someone tell me how.it is important.i want to pass it.i cant afford to fail and i dont want to fail.

okie..i'm here to update le..since somebody say i very long nvr update le..hahax..
got back majority of my results le..shld i say i'm satisfied with it??i guess so ba..passed most of my subjects..haven got back my chinese..PLEASE LET ME PASS MY CHINESE!!!!den again,i really have no confident..afterall i've been failing it since day 1..failed my GP..just nice got an S..man i need to really pratice paraphrasing and identifying question type..can anyone tell me how to study GP??i'm desperate to pass..

went to watch ratatouille yesterday with desmond..it's nice!!!thought it was really creative of the scripwriter to think of such a plot..a rat gourmet..interesting!!the graphics were good too..very realistic a movie worth watching!

peicai prom is coming up..planning with germaine..first time planning an event..i'm excited!but sad to say i won't be able put all my efforts into it..so desmond (not the same des as above) will be helping her..hope it will be a smooth event..think this is the first time a actually cal hotles and talk to business associates..it feels so different..it was very formal and it was pretty stressful talking cos you'll have to mind the way you phrase sentences and ask questions intelligently.not to sya we ask questions stupidly but it is really different from asking teachers question.a good experience i must say..

well..that's all i guess.a's is starting just 5 more weeks..kinda looking forward to it as i want it to be over really badly(who don't want?).shall start mugging now.ciaox.
Tuesday, September 04, 2007

just realised how long i haven been blogging..

holiday is here and my prelims are here to.

planned a study time table and have been trying really hard to follow.

just a few more months.i know i can make it.