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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'm really tired.school's really terrible.i think i'm really a slacker now that i'm in jc..my tutorials are lagging way behind..oh well,wadever..i cant really be bothered anymore..
here's smth daphy asked me to do..

10 random facts abt hiang suan:

1.i dun like school as much as when i was in sec school.

2.i had my very first crush in K1(daph,it does happen k..haha).it sounds dumb but it's true!!i cant rmb e guy's name le..but i rmb the times we spent in e school bus..haha

3.i'm feeling sad most of the time now..i no longer as much as i do in sec sch.i lost my laughter..=(

4.i have super curly hair that i rebonded a no of times le..so now ppl dunno how terrible my hari used to be..haha

5.i slack alot though ppl say i got a mugger look..

6.i have always joined a performing arts cca since pri sch.

7.i dun like to sleep alone in the dark

8.i'm a fan of winnie e pooh =)

9.i want a long long long break

10.i need sound(can be pleasant of unpleasant) to study..

5 ppl i want to see them do this thing:
See Hwee
li hui
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

decided that i'm going to put ny's webby as my home page since i ALWAYS have to go there to look for things to print..coming to jc means wasting lotsa money-to buy printing paper and ink.

oh well,this week's going really fast,its wed all of a sudden.my pw seems to be going nowhere.my group members are rather passive.high inertia.they seem to be slacking alot.but i feel realy stressed over pw.i dunno why too.my friend told me i got white hair.man,that's bad.i seem really stressed.
i'm coping fine with my studies i guess.still so blur with physics and still having plenty of interest in chem.trying to get rid of my careless mistakes in math and trying really to iprove my english.also trying to update myself with news so i wont lack real life examples in gp.chinese is kinda tough.cos the things taught are totally new.hopefully i can pass my mid-yr though.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

i think i'm sick.my throat feels really uncomfortable and i'm having a runny nose..
i dread schooling.all i do in schol is study.nth else.somehow 0628 is like 4i.lotsa slackers with 1 or 2 muggers.only listen to some tutors and totally rude the rest.how wonderful can this get.worse thing--i dun have much fun in class.i du laugh as much.i'm a moody girl..sad case..

i am attached to guitar.i love guitar now. gone are the days when i slcaked during cca.i am striving.we're practising for syf this coming practise..
Monday, May 01, 2006

synergy is over!!!wonder if i'm happy or sad though..sad 'cos i'm gonna miss my seniors and without them,synergy wouldnt be a success for e guitar ensemble. happy 'cos i dun have to practise my pieces everyday.anyway,synergy was great.we were e second last item to perform for the first half.so we had lotsa time to practise and rest.matinee was kinda flop for us cos somehow everything went haywire.first guitar cant hear second and rhythm and so on..so everybody played at their own timing.i was really nervous then cos the hall was quite empty and i somehow freaked out i guess..so we practised alot after our item.finale came and we sang 'at the beginning'-my fave song ever. oh yea.we had to put on make up and it turned out to be quite okie..i still look like me though all my friends couldnt recognise me..haha!!

after matinee we had abt 2h to rest before having dinner.then put on make up again after dinner..performed..i wasnt nervous at all.perhaps it was due to the experience during matinee.it was full house for the night show and they off e lights.so all i could see was lotsa light sticks.quite nice a scenery..finale and it was e end of synergy.it sounds really boring repeating everything but it was worth it.i am really glad i went for synergy..the first time in NYJC performing such a major event for guitar..it's great!

wanna take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped me alot during this period of time.especially my guitar seniors-yichen,jia hao,christina and yong hui for teaching me how to play e performance pieces.jia hao and yi chen for their utmost patience teaching me cos i'm a little dumb learning e songs.and also, fellow j1s-si hui and xiao ling for the enjoyment we had throughout our practise.also to lucius for teaching me during our first practise(though u left us for band..baddie!)
thank you all for helping me in one way or another!!!let's all work hard for our SYF next year!!!

[sweet memories]