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Saturday, August 26, 2006

yup,i'm back to update again..really wonder wad's wrong ith me..always posting in e middle of e night..haha..anyway,i'm gonna go hwa chong tmr to watch this song writing cimpetition cos nyjc is competing too!!so our friends wrote a song and they're going to perform it tmr..and for e price of $4,we get to see zhiyang and junyang!!haha..isnt that great?haha..kinda excited abt it though..haha..gtg le..shall post again soon..
Saturday, August 12, 2006

i shld be sleeping now..but i cant cos i gotta edit my pw wr..nth much for me to crap abt now..shall end here.. =)
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hmm..why am i posting at this hour???actually i also dunno..

oh well,national day celebration was our flag day.it was dumb.toally dumb.we had to answer qns at whichever place we got to and man..it was tiring.den went back to school and there was this super mini concert which comprises of a dance,and songs.aint that LAME?

anyway,i'm really getting the mugger spirit.that's..i dunno bad???i dun usually think abt my school work as often as i do now..kept pestering sze yee wih our pw and i think that aint really nice huh?i guess that's brcause i too kan chiong ba..haha..

oh..i'm typing in the dark now..think it's not bad cos i manage to type this whole entry in the darkness and it took less than 3 min??haha..shall blog again soon..(i hope it will be soon..haha!)