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Friday, January 26, 2007

tests tests and more tests..believe that summarises what is expected for the rest of the year.suddenly tutorials are piling up like nobody's business.tests are given like freebies.then again,all these are in preparation for our A's..undeniably,i think it's still early but i can just feel the pressure placed on us.tutors are getting really strict with our work..the tutorials just come one after another,no time to rest.

going for some class comm workshop tmr and goodness knows what workshop that is!imagaine that..going to school for some unknown purpose..heck..it simply sounds stupid..

guitar performing at MINDSville on 10 feb..2 more practises left before our performance and we're just so not ready..have this junior who is rather a show off sometimes..and a senior who is an irritant..talks and talks as if all of us really interested in it..yikes..really irritating..despite being hinted umpteen time(yes,and i really do mean UMPTEEN times!) he simply couldnt understand that we just wanted to leave!talked for 1/2 hour..full of vulgarities and nonsense..eeks!

having our chi pw presentation on 31 jan..hope it'll be fine..but then..only 10min for our 50 odd pages of report??!!!sounds so dumb..everything will be just so saturated..there'll be a q n a session for that too..hope i wont screw it up..i'll have to answer in chi..omg!as for the report we slogged hard for?some teacher just went to use INK to mark it..-_-" hello?that was supposed to be up on display in the future!!pls use ur common sense!now we gotta reprint everything!paper alone costs us $7.50 according to lihui..and the printing aint exactly cheap either..argh!then again,no point crying over spilt milk..we'll just have to reprint all..grr...
Sunday, January 14, 2007

received this mail abt characteristics of ppl born in different months and i thought it was rather true:

JULY=SEXY (eh?i'm definitely not sexy...lolx)
outgoing personality (yep..quite..)
takes risks (quite true..)
feeds on attention(nah! i'm sucha low profile person..hahax..)
no self control(i do have self control!)
kind hearted(yea!love helping others..hehx)
self confident(eh..not really..)
loud and boisterous(i'm soft!)
VERY revengeful(i've not revenged on someone before..)
easy to get along with and talk to(at least i think i am..)
has an "every thing's peachy" attitude(eh?wad's that?)
likes talking and singing(well..i love singing..hates talking at times..)
loves music(yea!music rocks my life!)
daydreamer(i do stone alot..does that count?)
easily distracted(nope..i've got a good attention span..)
Hates not being trusted(perhaps..since i trust ppl easily,i wish others would do likewise..)
BIG imagination(eh.sometimes i imagine alot..=P)
loves to be loved(true true!)
hates studying(so totally not true..hahax..but i dun love studying either..heh!)
in need of "that someone" (i guess so..after 17 years of singlehood..hehex..)
longs for freedom(true enough..)
rebellious when withheld or restricted(sometimes i rebel in my heart..lolx)
lives by "no pain no gain" (huh?does that mean i slog all my life?NO WAY!)
caring(i think so ba..not sure abt this though)
always a suspect(so am i a suspect when things go missing?)
playful(not really..only during e hols!)
mysterious(i dun think so..)
"charming" or "beautiful" to everyone(huh?i didnt know i got that power to do that..)
stubborn(yep yep!!i'm sucha stubborn person..hehex..)
curious(hope not..curiosity kills e cat!)
independent(quite..i do lotsa things on my own..)
strong willed(am i?i guess so..if i'm determined to..i'm STUBBORN!haha!!)
a fighter(oh well..i hope that's a compliment though..)
Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Hey,are you alright?"


Our eyes met.His eyes looked crystal clear.I felt as if I've looked through his world.Is this what people call love?

A very typical love story heard by anyone.Yet, does it truly happens?While people wait for their right ones to appear,many are ditching away them as if they were rubbished that were picked up along the road.That,I believe is the most ironical thing about what people call love.You may love someone deeply,only to know that he/she doesnt feel the same and vice versa.

One may say that to be able to look at your loved ones from afar,knowing that they're happy is sufficient;that being together isn't what love is all about.However, how many people are really able to do so without feeling the least bit of jealousy or envy?Sometimes,to know that our loved ones are happy it does gives moments of happiness,but only realise that what we truly feel is envy,jealous.

"Hey dear,I love you."

"I love you too."

Sweet nothings were whispered.His expression soft.I wish it was me.

To see and know that our loved ones doesn't reciprocate our love is bad enough.Yet, the heart wrenching fact is that you would be seeing sweet images of your beloved with their beloved,only to know that those are not meant for you to see.

One once said 'To love and be loved is the greatest thing on earth'. How true?I wonder.If it were to be true,so why are people divorcing?Why are people breaking up simply because as time goes by,they realised that love no longer existed?The power of love may be a motivating source yet a depressing source in times of breakups.This is the double-edged sword that all of us would one day face.How to sharpen one edge while keeping the other blunt?I wonder.
Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year!

well..here's some new year resolutions:

1) shall start mugging from 3/1/07 onwards.will mug every weekday until dinner time
2) stop staying up in e middle of e night to type entries( so i get sufficient sleep)
3) stop being so emo!!!

oh well..that's all that i could think of.gotta sleep..going escape with my cousins tmr..yay!!second outting so far.haha..hope it'll be fun and i wake up on time to meet my cousin..hehe..nites!=)