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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a recent spate of events left me moody once again. I guess moodiness is the only drive that makes me blog since I have no idea where else I can vent out my moodiness. An accident involving my primary school playmate left me thinking once again about the vulnerability of life. No doubt she is well recuperating in the hospital, I can help but think that life is so fragile. It has once again shown how important the phrase "treasure the others before" is. This phrase always pops up to me whenever something drastic happens. I rethink about the friendships forged, how I have not been trying to keep up with these friends whom I may once have been really close to.

This year, many reunions have been surfacing-primary 2 class gathering has been on the talk for months, secondary school HMT pals, primary 6 classmates, JC classmates. All heard of but never materialised. Ok, maybe I should say I only managed to meet up with my primary 6 classmates. After 6 years, we've finally met. Really cool to have met up with them. Hopefully, more of such gatherings would occur. It's really nice to see how much all of us have changed yet remain the same(maybe) after all these years. The amazing thing is that we are atill able to recognise each other after all these years.

Oh well, all's said and done. What has passed has passed. No point crying over split milk. Exam's just this Thursday. Time to mug and work towards my goal.
Goal: UoS!!!=))