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Monday, October 18, 2004

*oops*i'm getting very crappy today..hahas..dunno why oso...why??anybody noe why?hahas..ritex..i am getting crazy le..guess its because i'm too stressed up during the exams so now being crappy to unwind myself..haha!!sianx..thursday go back still got canteen duty and the class on uty is so good!!they only have to do two days..so unfair!!hahas..ok larh..dun wanna flood u guys with my crap le..see ya!

[crappy me..]

hmmx..exams over!!hahas..will be having the marking days tmr and wed,so i'm free from school..hahas..but sad to say that i'll still have to go for my hmt on wed..hahas..well,germ is going for camp nxt week..go be facilitator..so good!!hahas..yea..i'll be able to spend quality time with vivien though..:P can catch up the time we 'lost' when i went for obs..hahas..

today went out with viv,germ,delia,soo wen and yingen and i have to say that it was quite fun..went to the esplanade and went carrefour to 'shop'.we bought sushi and sweets from minitoons.den dunno is germ's taste bud got some prob or is it our tastebud got prob cos the sweets that germ think is sour,none of us find it sour.in fact,i dun think any of the sweet that we bought are sour!!hahas..hmm..den viv and i went back at 6 cos we are suppose to reach home before 7 viv did reach home before 7 but i was half an hour late..hahas..luckily didnt get a scolding cos i was already in the train before 6.30. so wad can they do?scold the train for going so slow??

ytd i went to see hwee's hse..its so nice!!yea..like her room..its so nice and as usual,her bed is filled with piglet,leng-leng ji's was filled with pooh..hahas..hmmx..we stayed ard and chatted den we did earrings on our own!!*gosh* i find it so beautiful!hahas..i did two pairs myself and yea..intend to wear it someday..=) have to say that after such a loing time,me and see hwee finally got a chance to see each other again.but we didnt get to have time of our own cos the others kept going to her room,so we didnt get the chance to talk..=( but yea..will be going out with her sometime during the hols..so hope that she'll be able to make it!!hahas..

ritex..guess i better stop here..shall enjoy the rest of the night and for the rest of this week before i slog again!!

[13 more days to my chinese O's!]
Saturday, October 02, 2004

urh..my hmt exams OVER!!great..one of my biggest burden is off my shoulder and it sure feels great!hahas..oh yea..gotta say that i broke my own record!!!and i'm proud of it!hahas..its lame larh..but for once,i wrote the si han(informal letter)and boy..it was two and a half page long!!hahas..am so proud of it cos i feel that i wrote pretty well for that..hehex..:P and my compo was ard that long oso..hahas..so i seriously hope that this time round,i would do better for my paper 1..my paper was *eeks..* all the zao ju that i learnt din come out..onli ren jun bu jin and di hui i got learn..the rest i tikam tikam do one..so hopefully i'll be able to pass my paper 2 bahx..hahas..ritex..exams coming soon le..gotta buck up..good luck ppl!all the best!!

[6 more days to exams..]