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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i'm back to blog again!!my thumb still hurts..now with a big orh ceh between my thumb and index finger..the colour is so weird..it looks very blue..unlike e usual orh ceh that we always see..it seem as if my hand is stained with blue ink..skipped chem prac on mon cos of my hand..gonna see e sinseh again tmr..somehow,my group of friends are plagued with injuries too..yvonne spraine her leg today..karin got a injury on her knee..gao fan might be next..haha!!did an gp essay today,it was terrible!!had a seriuos mental block..dunno wad to write..ended up asking yvonne how i shld write..think i need more practice..blogging regularly doesnt seem to help..i think im using too much singlish and stuffs like that..

oh well,posting results coming out soon and a lvls results are out tmr..hope that my friends will get posted into the jc they want and those taking their results tmr will get their ideal result..

[aLL e beSt ppL!!]
Sunday, February 26, 2006

argh!!i got a swollen thumb..luckily its my left hand..if not i'll have a terrible time doing stuffs..now that i'm left with my right hand to do stuffs,i realise that i cant do without my left..it hurts so much that i cant do much.eg,i cant cut my nails without help,i cant carry heavy things,i cant take my wallet in a hand and take out money with e other,i cant play lotsa instruments..SAD!think this prob with my hand started a long time ago,just that i ignored it.if i'm not wrong,it all happened cos i play guitar..i press my thumb hard to e neck so i can hold my chords well and it hurts after that.initially i thought it was just some problems getting used to e guitar but realised that other guitarists dun have this prob..it kinda got worse recently when i couldn bend my thumb fully.den realised that it was swollen!so went to see this chinese sinseh at chin swee rd(he's a very good chinese physician) and i 'steamed' my hands and he pulled my thumb.its wrapped in some chinese herbs(smells like kaya) and it hurts!!
Saturday, February 18, 2006

i'm so tired!!had such a long day with only an hour of sleep last night..slept from 5.30 to 6.30 on e couch in e sc room with germ's bag as my pillow..haha!anyway,we left school ard 7.30 and went to mac.accompanied them there to have breakfast cos i'm having breakfast with my parents.des came to join us at mac and we chatted while waiting for syukur.but i left before syukur came..had breakfast with my parents at hougang before we went to meet e rest of my family for e prayers..fortunately,grandma didnt cry today,she seem to have accepted e fact that grandpa is gone.we even had lunch together at mt faber before visiting our grandpa at mandai.grandma was really calm and she looks alright e whole day.went to grandma hse after that and i had to resist falling asleep while watching tv.it was really tough,cos i kept dozing off though i tried keeping my eyes wide open.so i started stuffing myself with food and coffee,hoping it will keep me awake.alas,my body is totally immune to coffee,i still felt sleepy.so i walk ard e hse,concentrated on e winter olmpics on e tv..it's tough though..but i managed to do so until no..so for e past 48 hrs,i only had 1 hr of sleep.this is my record..haha..
Thursday, February 16, 2006

argh!!murder in serangoon area!!!so scary..i'm going back to school tmr for e family day and i'm definitely NOT going back alone with that murderer still at large..somebody accompany me there!!actually i asked edwin le..but so paiseh..cos he going straight from school.den i'm going home to change..he dismissed at 1315 but i'm dismissed at 1415..so he'll have to wait very long maybe a few hours before he can meet me..den thought of clarence aw..but dunno he wad time going..how??!!

grandma isnt good..she's getting moody these days..on v'day,she cried again..those kind which would cause her to faint..she started 'talking' to my grandpa..asking why he left her alone,why he so cruel and stuffs that would make u freak out..so my mum is staying over at my ggrandma's hse for e time being in case my aunts cant manage e situation..so i'm home alone..having maggie mee for lunch..gotta iron e clothes,wash the clothes,hang the clothes and tidy the hse..haix..wonder wad will happen this sat when we go pray for our grandpa..hopefully grandma can let go of this asap..its worrying!!

oh yea..got 12 L1R5..quite happy with my results cos i thought i was gonna get 14 or 15..anyway,if there wasnt the integrated programme,i think my results would be bad..cos we're competing with ppl from e very clever ppl..haha..below is my 'predicted results' and my actual results..
predicted- eng: b3
e math/a math: a1
chem: b3
phy: c5/6
comb. human.: c5/6(cos of my ss)
hmt: c5/6
predicted L1R5-17
actual- eng: b3
e math/a math: a1
chem: a1(miracle!)
phy: b3(miracle!)
comb. human.: b3(amazing!)
hmt: b3(i actually made it!)
Friday, February 10, 2006

whoa..i just realised that i haven been blogging for weeks..rather lazy to on the comp nowadays with all the tv programme available..haha!eh..getting results in a frew hours' time..and i'm still feeling alright..is this how i'm supposed to feel??not that im really confident abt my results though..i'm rather worried, but i just dont feel anything!!argh..that's bad huh..hopefully i'll be able to stay in NY..i dont wanna appeal..very troublesome thing to do..

anyway, life in NY is great..just that i feel i'm becoming more and more like a bookworm..haha..u see everyone studying during breaks..hardly see anyone chatting de..very scary..GP is kinda tough too..cos we dun really know how to approach the topic(the world today is a capitalistic one). the topic is so big and we're going all over the place.we keep going out of point and there's ppl in my group who is always trying smth funny.make the whole grp lost.anyway,we actually have to do a write up on why we choose a particular medium.so it's kinda tough cos we chose poerpoint-smth that it's so naturally came to us whenever we think abt projects..
LEP is kinda fun too..i though it was a very difficult subject with all e translation of poems,but it turn out to be quite acceptable.only problem with it is that,i wonder if it'll still be that easy after 3 months..

oh well,i'm going back to do my GP write up. hope i'll blog soon..take care peeps and hope we'll all achieve good results..=)

P.S. my grandma is quite alright..she cries sometimes,would faint on some occasion.kinda scary though..cos we'll send her to the hosp,and wait for 2h later before sending her home..BUT i'm glad that my family is very united.we are all working towards the day where my grandma can accept this fact fully.wonder when it'll be but we're hoping for e best..=)