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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another death proved the vulnerability of life. For someone who lived past the age of 90 and still going strong, I admire her colourful life. It was a pity that I couldnt hear from her the hardships she went through. World War II. Death of husband due to opium. Bringing 6 children up single-handedly. Enjoying the fruits of her labour.

She was all but a lady who seemed to have gone through more than what was expected. World War was hard enough. Then came the death of her husband. From a housewife to a working force. Big change. Everything was written on her face, yet not a single word was uttered.

To me, she was a kind lady with few words. No matter how unapproachable, she was one that many loved. One that many adored and never thought to give up on her no matter how ill she became on her last few months of life.

Prayers to thank her were read, to thank her for nurturing us to who we are. To thank her for giving us the chance to repay her. You left with us your children, who we will take care of.

On this note, I hope you'll rest in peace.