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Thursday, November 24, 2005

wow..isnt it fast?it seem like i only did my paper ytd and i'm already slacking today!!haha..well..after o's is gone..there's this 'weird' feeling i guess..u dont know wad u should be doing now that o's are over..afterall,we have been studying day and night the past few months yea?anyway..below are some things which happened e week after o's..

19/11-i rebonded my hair!its not really very straight but at least it looks like i have straight hair naturally

20/11-watched harry potter and found it kinda boring though many of my friends think its nice..to me,there isnt really a climax this time round,unless u count fighting Lord Voldemort a climax..oh well,basically to me,e whole show is BORING!

21/11-cleared my room and realised tht my room looks like a rubbish dunmp!i have lotsa books to give away,anybody who wants it,please sms me..actually,you MAY buy from me if u want..i'm in need of money..am spending alot while going out nowadays..hehe..

22/11-went out with daph to do some shopping and we shopped for an hour plus before getting daph's clutch bag..went to meet my pri school friends after that and accompanied them to do christmas shopping..

23/11-farewell party in school..well,it was really fun interacting with e new babies of the council.oh yes,i got sabotaged in merry-go-round for e first time..grr..

24/11-stayed at home and rot..haha..registered for the pae..hopefully i can go ny..

last but not least,tmr's prom..wonder how our peers look like in their gowns and stuffs..haha..oh well,i dunno wad else i can blog abt..shall end here..enjoy your break now!but dun spend it away aimlessly..do smth beneficial.read books,work,or do volunteer work!!
Saturday, November 12, 2005

one more week to go and i'm free!!haha..well,that only apply to my class though..cos we are take pure science..haha..after o's and daph and i will start going shopping,looking for the best buy..haha..prepare for prom and stuffs..
anyway,it's nna be a tiring week with all e considerably tough papers coming up with no break in between..monday-break, tuesday-a math p1, wednesday-geog elec and phy p1 & 2, thursday-a math p2, friday-chem p1 & 2..there's no day to take a breather!!!argh..but then,ww still end paper early..wahaha.rite..on mon we had e math and ss..e math was really easy except for e number pattern..i finally know e answer to tat qn..its 1/2(n+1)(n+2)hai..but i doubt that's gonna be a prob cos a lot of ppl dunno how to do that qn..ss was killer!!learnt nth abt any 3 of e topics given..initially wanted to so sri lanka but realise i have e least idea abt LTTE..wed was eng p1 & 2..fri was e math p2..rather easy and had 1 hr left to check but ended up with only 1/2 hr cos i took nearly 20 min to draw my tangent..haha..

oh well..so much abt o levels..its finally ending..jia you to all esp to 4i..let's not disappoint our teachers..we shall prove to them that we have been working hard during our sudy leave..=)
Saturday, November 05, 2005

haha..rite..i'm back here to blog again..my blog is once again alive..haven been blogging for more than 3 weeks i guess..am so lazy to blog and i dunno wad i can blog too..everyday is just study and study..it's a daily routine with o's round e corner yea?hopefully i can score and not be a sotong in exam..
have been slacking alot since e study leave started though i did study..i think my progress was kinda slow...afterall,i'm e kind that cant study without a 'time factor' pushing me..haha..was studying social studies just now when i started feeling bored..so i helped my dad to type some stuffs to keep track of his earnings..couldnt mke out lotsa words cos he scribbled.so i actually made up some really weird words and places which i never heard of..mt dad started his new job on mon and me and my mum became his 'accountant'..realise it isn easy to be one..gotta make sure that e sum u calculated and the money u reeived is correct..so stressed tht i would calculate wrongly cos that means recounting!!then i tried to memorise my ss again..quite alot of things to memorise but somehow couldnt get them into my head..but still..there's time,e paper is in e afternoon..there's enough time for me to cramp in everything..haha..(doesnt all this sound like crap?)
oh well..i think i better stop here..crappiness is invading me once again..all e best to all those taking their O's and A's this year..its e final lap..give it ur best shot..dun give up at this critical moment..