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Saturday, July 16, 2005

yo peeps..i'm back here to blog..frankly,i also dunno wad i wanna blog abt..but as promised,des,i'm blogging k?its alive again..haha!!

RHD is just round e corner and i haven got my costume..intend to wear smth indian and will be borrowing it from ms mok if she has enough to go round..apparently many ppl i know are 'indian crazy' this year..so many of us intend to wear indian..daphne even suggested taking a 'family portrait' of our indian family!!haha..many in my class are wearing indian too..doesnt that make 4I 4 Indians??haha!

hmm..is mock exam stress??many say yes but i say no..please dun start cursing and swearing at me..i can only study with this kinda stress..if not,i doubt i would have touched revision if not for the mock exams..frankly,i dunnno why ther is a need for them to stay up so late to study..i mean,its all revision,refreshing your memory that's it!of course,i wouldnt say the same for ss and geog cos it definitely helps if u memorise facts..makes getting high score easy isnt it?that's why nian shun never fail to get good grades for these 2 subjects cos he has a superb memory..haha..but when he does badly,it really is bad cos he memorise e wrong things..haha..

guess i'll stop here le..des,i kept my promise and now my blog is alive again..k??wahaha..i think this blog will be dead agin soon cos i doubt i'll be blogging anytime soon..dea ah..if possible,help me change blog skin..cant find any simple one and have trouble changing..bai tuo..xie xie..=)

[all the best to all those who took chinese o's..]