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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Good and the Bad

Why do the good always get disappointed and the bad always smiling in triumph?Is this the nature of earth?Today the results of the o levels were released.Many went home with a satisfied smile but it definitely left some with disappointment.

Just take a look at the 7 of us who took our results slip. Many those in 4f are satisfied with their results.but i know for sure that there are at least 2 of us who are unsatisfied with it.Imagine, all 7 of us, none of us get A1.What does this mean?Does it mean that we are worst in our studies?MAYBE we are.BUt i find injustice in everything.I shall not mention who,but one of my friend who realy studied for the paper, only got a B3 yet the other one who only slacked and do nothing, got an A2. What is this??!

Some of you out there may say, "A2 is good enough.Stop complaining." Look. It's not about complaining. Its whether you have performed up to your standard. To some, yes an A2 is all yo ask for. BUt to the rest?They could be scoring A1 for all their chinese test. Then this O level thing just get in their way and spoil everything. Is it really fair? Some may say,"I understand how you feel.Its good enough if you have put in your best." But hey, can you really say that if you were the person? NO! You have absolutely no idea how its like unless you are that person and have been through the same thing. Right now, i truely inderstand how one of my friends felt when he got back his chinese o levels. Nobody truely understands anybody unless faced with the same circumstances.

[signing off with utter disappointment]
Friday, February 18, 2005

hey guys,i'm back.yes, i'm back here to blog again after one month.and viv,i got another entry!hehe..hmmx..dunno wad to say..maybe i'll jus say wad has to me e pass month?

New Year's Eve
-had celebration in school and had meeting.and my 'enemy' got 'shoot' twice.haha..then went to mac with viv,met nian shun and wanling on e way.wanling went there to meet ppl..hahas..met nurain at mac and i was like..'nurain?noraini?nurain?'haha!!i actually forgot her name..sorry!!hang ard there for ard an hour then went home..didnt get to go back to yz AGAIN due to e meeting..haix..i miss my frens!!!yanyi,noreen,paiseh!!!got so much to catch up with u guys man..sobz..haha!

New Year Day-like every other year,my family first went to my grandma hse to bai nian.was so glad to see all my cousins again.coincidently,me and see hwee wore e same colour new year clothes!!mine was a navy colour dress and hers a navy colour top..haha!!then went house visiting to our great grandma hse and back to our 'starting point'..

4th day of New Year-invited my frens over for fun??then nian shun,viv and germ went to sofina's hse..i pang sehed my guests a while and went up too..hehe..anyway,i learnt how to play mahjong there and am still learning..hehe..germ and viv stayed for dinner and we had 'girls talk'??haha..oh all in all..it was a great day..i had fun and hoped my frens had fun too..=)

Valentine's Day-eh..actually nth much on this day lah..received gifts frm some frens and sorry!!i nvr give gifts..hehe..viv fell sick and went home so i had to go for self practice on my own..sigh..it was boring was 'she' was there all e time..haha!!

Thursday,17th Feb 2005-stayed back to study with my 'gang' of frens and hang ard in school till 5 plus.sandx mum came to pick her up and she didnt notice the car till we tell her..haha!!hmmx..i guess that's all for that day..

Today,18th Feb 2005-was suppose to go watch constatine but too lazy togo so it was cancelled!!haha..hmmx..next week is common test le..jia you ppl!!hahas..k larh..stop crapping le..take care peppx!

[gambate for ur common tests!!]