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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holidays have come and it's going away.Days are going by too fast!In a twinkling of an eye,almost half of my holidays are gone and I have absoulutely no idea what I've been doing.

Did relief this week and last week.Was supposed to relief a Chinese teacher for last and til today due to N level marking,but she came back ytd.So I'm out of job and able to enjoy my holiday.Spent the day tidying my room.Didnt manage to clean much,just rearranged things,throw things,stuff things.haha!Amazed at the amount of things I've kept for the past 5- 10 years?hahx,it just shows how sentimental I am!=P Nevertheless, I decided to throw away some stuffs which I thought doesn't have much significant value(e.g. posters and magazines of idols who I used to go crazy over.Anyway,those 'news' in there are already outdated)

OT0801 went to the Night Safari on 25th Aug!Will upload photos only when I manage to locate where the photos are..It's really fun going out with them.Doing silly things,daring things,listening to Desiree's crap,Sock's acting insane,our out-of-situation conversation.haha!Love OT0801!Sad to say that we'll be separated in Sem 2.But yea,I know we'll just carry on our nonsense whenever we meet!=D

Guesspretty much sum up what I've been doing.Busy with SAOTSC and alumni.Hope I'll have time to do some revision and reading before school starts!