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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 week passed since my A's.kinda not used to the feeling that i can now just sit there and rot all I want.Found a job as relief teacher though my application is still under consideration.Man..i wonder if i can meet up to the expectations of my teachers.Will i be fierce enough to control the class?Will I be able to conduct classes well?

Anyway,an update of what has happened the last week

16/11/07 Friday

The long planned Peicai Prom is finally over!Overall it was quite a successful one given the fact that this was the very first time we had it in the hotel.It was tough on Germaine I must say.Xin Ku Ni Le!!!Took pics,and realised that I only tookphotos with guys!hahax.It wasnt intentional,I swear.=P

21/11/07 -22/11/07 Wednesday-Thursday

Class chalet.It was fun.It was also the first time I did night cycling.It's really nice and novel to me.Cos the traffic was pretty light except for some occasi9onal cars passing by and yea,my FIRST time riding a bike on e road and also my FIRST time cycling for a few hours straight!It ended up with us all aching but nevertheless,it was a great experience.Hopefully I get to do this again some other time.=)

Went wild wild wet the following day.My first time there as well.Its pretty small I would say,but the rides were rather fun.Took the family ride a few times and this other ride which is in a U-shape.Scared the wits off me.Still,being able to bond with my friends this way is really great.BBQ at night and I headed home.

23/11/07 Friday

K Box with my cousins.Was supposed to meet hwee first to do some shopping but somehow there was some breakdown in communication so it ended up with us meeting all at 12.30.Initially we wanted to book the 2-7pm offer but as it was all our first time,we werent able to get that offer due to some reasons or another.We got to sing till 6pm though.But i think it was more expensive than the usual 2-7pm one.Afterwhich my 3rd uncle treated us to dinner at some office building in Novena.It is similar to those sakae sushi where we had sushi buffet,each plate for 99cents I heard.Anyway,we sang our cousin a birthday song and had cake after dinner.

Oh well,that sums up what I have been doing to past week and yea,it definitely feels good to be liberated!=)