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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 more days to the end of exams!!yayness.Finally Sem 1 is over.hahax.Now that term is ending,its time to be active again in Alumni.Teachers' Day Video,Playoffs,PROM!gosh..the theme for prom has still not been settled.What theme???!!!
Anyway,here's some photos of a cute baby..=)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Was blog hopping and read Hui Wen's blog on an entry about Mr Maxx.

It reminded me of the day when I received the SMS about his death from Clarence.10 Aug,Tuesday(yeah,I still remember it clearly..heh)That was the day when I felt overwhelmed with emotions.Keeping my voice calm and steady when I told my parents that I had to attend his funeral and stuffs.Angry that I disappointed him,that I wasn't sensitive enough to his feelings at times,that I didn't realise how much acceptance and assurance he needed from us.It was also then that I realise how each little gestures can mean so much to a person,how we can regrets.I was so overwhelmed with grieve the next day that I had no mood for lessons.Mr Ng led us for a minute of silence during Chinese lesson as we had NAPFA in the morning.I cried.There were so many things that I had no chance to go to him.

Nevertheless,it's all the past.I'll treat Joelson well,shan't make him feel that our class is ostracising him in anyway.That seems to be the least that I can do to make up for the loss.I shall give others reassurance if this is something that I failed to give you.God bless.You'll remain deeply etched in my memory.

Oh well,this is like the 'n'th time I'm blogging about him!I think that made up for the times when I didn't blog about you when you were alive already right?You can't complain that I didn't blog much about you anymore!See how much I remember you.hehx.Loves
Sunday, August 03, 2008

OMG!!!!I couldnt believe he actually read my blog!!How much does he know?I hope he doesn't know much though..=X Gitters in my stomach..Wth,I'm such a confused person..Don't even know I want exactly..

Slacking week ahead,2 weeks of school and I'd say exams starts!unofficially though,but that's the beginning of the exams.Feel as if I've not studied enough to get my ideal grades.I gotta do well enough to prove to dad that I'm doing well for my course!=)Hopefully I can get A for some modules..(cross fingers..)

Uni friends are all starting their school term.No time to meet up with them.On the bright side,they'll be slogging away their asses while I'm enjoying my hols!hahx..right,I sound really mean..hehx..Jia You Friends!Shall visit you guys at NUS or NTU when I'm free..hohoho..=)

OT0801 JIA YOU!('best friends forever eh?hehx..)