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Friday, January 18, 2008

yeah!!!it's finally friday.Such a rare opportunity for me not to work on a weekday.Thank goodness it's e-learning day for the Sec 1s..Still wondering how I can catch 3C's attention..haix.

Students had their Character Education for 3 days starting from 16/1(Wed),thus I got a lil break from teaching.Helped out the Alumni for the Sec 1s interclass games.Then this conversation started:

Sec 1s:Are you an ex-peicaian?
Me:Why you want to know?(hoping that they'll stop asking)
Sec 1s:Because I saw you helping and they say alumnis are helping.
Me:(Hoping that I can keep it a secret till I end my term there)Oh really?Too bad, I'm not going to give you an answer.
(Quickly usher the students off and pretended to be really busy)

It was pretty fun helping out in the Sec 1s activities..They are simply so adorable!!Had this pair of really active twins and they look so small.They came to play at my sation(floorball)and the floorball court simply transformed into a playground.That was totally one of the BIG highlight for me that day.

Followed the Sec 1s for their learning journey on 17/1(Thu) and I went without knowing that I actually had to give them the information about Singapore River!!I totally suck at my history and I didn't prepare anything at all.Luckily Miss Mok came to my rescue and my class just followed hers and she did all the talking..hee.=P They pretty much don't give a damn about anything when they're tired though.All just thought of going home and didn't even bother to at all fake a 'i'm listening to all that you're saying' look.Guess it'll leave some bad impression but nevertheless.They're pretty much little kids.They went to the Asian Civilisation Museum as well.It's a really nice place and there's really alot to learn in there.Hope I'd go there somday again.Didn't really look through all the things with the Sec 1s treating it like their playground.Went kampong Glam in the afternoon and the kids visited the Sultan Mosque where they did batik painting.Some of them are really artistic and had really nice art pieces despite it being their first attempt.Afterwhich they went to have Indian Dance and music classes at NAS.Then to Little India and visited the temple and learnt how to wrap the sari.With that, the students finally got to go home and I was free too!hahax.Man, Aren't these kids blessed?Get to go to so many places,experience the different cultures.We don't even have such things when we were schooling..

Currently having muscle ache all thanks to the manual work I did.Helped carry this super heavy and dusty PC home on Tue and carried the benches on Wed for my station.OH well.I'll just take that as weight training.haha.=)
Friday, January 11, 2008

Worked for 2 weeks as a relief teahcer already.Man,time flies.felt as though yesterday when Miss Lee called to ask me to relief.Teaching all the level chinese.1F,2D+2G,3A and 3C the conventional Chinese and the Sec 4s CLB. So far, 1F is the only class which participate during lesson actively,asking questions really thinking about all I've said and curious about everything.2D and 2G and pretty all right too I guess.3C would probably be the one with most problems.Simply can't catch their attention.Still,this shall be my challenge.Hope I'll presevere through and make them listen to me oneday.No lessons for 3 days next week.Shall either be accompanying the Sec 1s to their learning journey or joining the Sec 3 level camp.Shall see what Miss Lee say.Nonethless,I'll still be paid on those 3days, I believe.

Went for NYP open house today with dad.School's pretty big and thought their symphony band played pretty well.Nice pieces played.Currently trying to decide if I should take Occupation Therapy or Physio in NYP or go NUS take Nursing or NTU for Hospitality and Tourism Management.Argh.Choices.All these about deciding where to go from now till I get my results.Hopefully it'll help me decide what I should take then.=)