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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

been with my CT for almost 2 weeks le..its fun being with them though sometime i cant stand some of them..shant say who though..lin hong and i both agree that those 2 are really irritating..anyway,had my interview last week and man..i was damn nervous..i kinda freaked out..dunno how to answer some qns so i gave some really stupid answer..eg..i told them i read this poem called 'deng guan que lou'. so the interviewer asked me where was 'guan que lou'.of course they were expecting me to say that it is in some place in china but i told them it was in china..-_-" oh well,i expect i wont get selected for e scholarship with such answers la..haha!!!gee..

oh yea..my timtable is kinda alright..longest day is thur ending at 7pm due to cca..even without cca,i end at 4.45pm due to afternoon pe..earliest day is fri ending at 12.15..pw is tough..dunno how to approach it..haix..
Saturday, March 18, 2006

whoo..can u believe it?i'm gonna go for an interview on mon!!cos i got short-listed for e LEP scholarship..the irony was that i didnt submit the application form..weird yea?so yep,i'm leaving school ard 9.30 for buona vista..my appt time is 12.15..hopefully i pass it..if i pass the interview,i get $1000 with free school fees and stufss..quite good la..but think it'll be tough cos it's chinese!!!its scary doing an interview in chinese cos i prefer communicating in english..haha..

had 2 days of lvl camp facil workshop.overall,it was fun.we had lotsa games which work on initiative,trust and perserverance.however,my group is very quiet when it comes to our debrief..smth seems to be blocking us from taking the initiative to start talking first..so our facilitator had to talk and talk and talk..he was 'lecturing' us..asking us questions why we dun want to talk..so yea..while other groups are laughing away,we're stoning away with our facil talking and trying to think why we dun want to talk first..

[crossing my fingers..]
Thursday, March 16, 2006

recently i received this email from my friend which entitles us to get a free apple ipod.is there really free lunch in this world?all u have to do is to send that advert to ur other friends and u get to receive ur ipod?initially i took it for granted.then again,i wondered if this could be some kinda chain letter that has decided to take on another form and target on our greed?perhaps this is due to my gp lessons.i learnt to be cautious when i received these 'free gifts' email.back to this ipod email,how can they identify who was e sender?just by ur email?is it really possible?furthermore,arent they making a lost by giving them away FREE?what's worse,they ask u to send this email to as many ppl as possible,do they really have the ability to trace back to these senders?it sounds like crap.
Monday, March 13, 2006

is love really that important to us?why do we whine and cry when we love our loved ones?are we really so vulnerable in a relationship?why is it always the girls that are the weaker ones?take a look around you.do u feel jealous when u see couples around?ever wondered if love will do u more harm than good?or more good than harm?are we really dependable on love when we are studying?do we really need to get into a relationship during our school days just because everyone else is doing so?is this ur ONLY resaon to get into a relationship?

if you answered yes to all e questions above,it's time u get a life of ur own.STOP DOING THINGS JUST BECAUSE U WANNA FOLLOW THE CROWD!