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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yay! took a break from studies ytd and went to watch the NDP Preview with my beloved cousins..hahax..it was really a wonderful experience i guess..afterall it's my 2nd time watching the parade..(the 1st was in P5 but i seriously cant rmb what it was all about)

so we met and went to marina and it was really crowded with people wearing red..it was a long long wait cos we had to wait for the ppl to tear e tix, wait for e security check, wait for the funpack and wait for the usher to direct us to our seats.i felt as if they had e entire airport security check system brought to marina.nevertheless,we cousins managed to catch up during those waiting time.

e performance was really great,the transitions between each programme was also very smooth to e extent that i didnt realise it until i see e programme list.hahax.the theme this year was smth abt havin a magical moment and yea..it really was quite magical..lotsa breathtaking stunts i guess..hahax..
Some of the big balloons placed at e parade

One of the red lions when he's about to do a landing.

NDP 07!!

fire under the bridge!!caught all of us by surprise

big jellyfish floating in e air!!!!

a boat entering the parade..magnificient!!!(this pic is on papers too)

that's us while waiting for e programme to start..

4/9 of the cousins who went to watch..2 of em are lifeguards on duty..=)