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Friday, April 01, 2005

21st Speech Day

as you can tell frm e title, today's our school's 21st annual speech and prize giving ceremony..it was a great day though i made some blunders here and there due to e nervousness i had..*sorry!*anyway,students were sitted in e hall after morning assembly to view the marching in of our school's uniform group.i was to usher the GOH's boss.and man,i was scared stiff.=P the marching started sometime at 8.45. then we had to wait for the GOH, Miss Irene Teo,chief manager of Starbucks and her boss to arrive. Due to traffic jam,they were late,so e poor marching contingent had to stand under e hot sun for ard 10 mins yet they cant move and maintain in e sernangdiri position. e GOH and e boss was very friendly!!tried pinning e corsage for e boss and gee..i gotta say i did quite a good job pinning it..=P then we(germ,kris and i) ushered e 3 'big shots' to e hall for e prize-giving and concert.it ended near 11.we then ushered them to e foyer for reception and e three of us stood there like bodyguards..haha!!and yup,i guess that's all i can say bah..but yea,i'm really happy today!!

I've Updated!

hahas..as u guys can tell, i'm finally updating..sorry to all those that have been coming to my blog and i've not been updating..anyway, i'll just give brief account on wad happened in e past while i was 'missing' frm e blog..


stayed at home on mon,wed and to do my hmwk and slack a little..then went back to school on tue for speech day rehearsal as e usher..thurs went for cca.sat went sph and saw my ex-hmt classmate.they were there for some kinda camp as student reporter if i'm not wrong.anyway,i spent e whole day at shph that day and had quite some fun..=)

School Reopen

nth much for e first week of school but had detention duty on wed and mr lee went on medical leave after mon..he was sick for two weeks and finally came back on wed,30/3.

Thursday, March 24 2005

celebrated yingen and desmond's b'dae.went to dinner at seoul garden and man,it is so expensive eating there!!what's more, e service was bad!so had an unpleasant meal before we went to j8 to meet vivien and pengrend.viv said there was a lot of peicaians there that day..wahaha..anyway,yingen got a shock cos well,it was meant to be a surprise for him..haha..then germ and i slipped away to buy a cake for them.went home ard 10.20 and only reached home at 11pm..

Thursday, March 31

was late for school so had to do detention duty for two days.gotta say i'm both glad and sad. sad cos this is my very first time in four years coming to school late!!glad cos this means that i cannot go for my cca..haha..gonna 'pang seh' vivien for once..:P and yup, its been confirmed by e school that e hmt lessons will be suspended until term 3..*sobz*no more hmt lessons anywhere!haix..anyway,next time if ur parents wanna check ur work,please do so if u have done ur work,if u didnt do ur wrok and ur parents demand a reason, please kindly tell e truth..dun drag others in..oh well, to sum it up,this was a bad day for me..