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Sunday, May 06, 2007

was reading blogs and saw june's post abt her 29th council and i thought to myself,has peicai council left such a big impression on me?

well,it did made an impact on my life,no matter how small it had been.i've seen both perspectives of school life-as a simple student and as a councillor and yes,council is wad really supports to school.during events,the council is always the ones who actually try to keep the atmosphere high.why?i would say it is partly due to the fact that our teachers told us to.but a major reason is simply due to the fact that all around us are people whom we are really comfortable with,people who have been with us through the toughest times,gave support when we needed them most and worked side by side for many projects.the bonds formed are probably the strongest compared to those forged by classmates.after all,we only study together and maybe chat during breaks.daph once said,peicai isnt the best school ard. i agree. but i think we have the best council.we make sure we give our best in whatever projects we do.we make sure it is of a certain standard,no slipshod work is entertained.whenever june talks abt her council, i think of mine.what do i miss most?perhaps the frequent bullies from des and gang,it never fail to make me laugh.no matter how down i felt.they make me feel good at times.perhaps the frequent impromtu singing sessions with germ too.she made me love singing.i love my dearest friend.she may not be in the council,but she understands me inside out.

was talking to my friend minutes ago and i understood the difference between guys and girls when they're down.

1. guys like to keep things to themselves. i wonder why. why cant they just say they're troubled?what's so difficult?cant they just spill everything out?at least it'll make them feel better. what's the ego thing doing to keep u from saying anything?no wonder guys usually die before girls.cos they just bottle things up and some day it justs explode. and BOOM. they're gone.

2. guys simply like to take their own sweet time to think through things. guess the thing u hear most from a troubled guy is 'leave me alone'.and girls?all the friends would be there to make her feel better.cheers to all my girlfriends who were there for me when i'm down! i mean,what's so wrong if u have friends there to make u feel better?perhaps u'll be able to assess the matter more objectively ya?

oh well,that's all that i can think of now. really miss those sec school days.where life is much simpler and less taxing.as young children,we want to be adults who have all the freedom;but when we grow to become adults,we wish that we were those young innocent children running carefreely in the playground.that perhaps is the biggest irony in life.

argh!!being emo again..hahax..