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Sunday, July 23, 2006

just finished this book called the kite runner by khaled hosseini the story is based in the 1980s in afghanistan where there was some racial discrimination between two subgroups of the muslim community.it talks abt how this boy had a hazara(the racial group which was looked down) servant as best friend and how this servant was loyal to his master.it revolves around how the 'master' betrayed his friend just so that he would be loved by his father.when the 'master' grew up,he went back to search for his hazara friend as he felt guilty abt his cowardice when young....

my book review doesnt sound really amazing abt this story but it's definitely a book worth reading.there are parts in this story where u would really feel like u are part of the story.its really touching and i guess it somehow reflects the life of people living in poverty and war.somehow it brings out the humanity of human too..and it dawned on me how the person u might regard as ur best friend may just betray u one day and leave u alone in times of help.

oh yea..gotta thank sze yee for recommending this book to me and hope u guys will this book some day too!! =)
Friday, July 14, 2006

went to yzps today to do survey and its changed so so much!gone is my classroom..gone is the corridor where we used to go toilet,gone is the eco-garden..basically,its no longer the yzps i used to know le..anyway,we went there,talked to mr bala,gave him the survey forms and we left.thought it would take abt half an hour to an hour to do everything but it turned out to less than 20 min??

had my first tutorial with the new teacher today and he isnt really that good..he spoke with this 'u'd better know or u're so dead' tone that even if we dun really understand,we dun dare to ask him!!not to say that we dun ask,but we're afraid to ask him to repeat it again and again..his tone is also very 'i thought know' kind.when he explains smth,his tone sounds as if he's really irritated..

oh well,i guess i just have to bear with it for the next half year??haha..
Tuesday, July 04, 2006

exams are finally over!!!enjoying my last day of break before school starts again tmr..decided that i need to pack my room cos its getting very messy..went swimming with hwee yesterday and man,we had a hard time meeting up due to e following reason.

1.we were supposed to be meeting at 1030 but i woke up at 1030..-_-"
2.i reached e toa payoh swimming complex at 1130
3.hwee went to the wrong swimming complex.she went to yio chu kang(so i went there)

so,we only met at 1200 when our meeting time was 1030.how wonderful.when everyone was getting out of the pool,we were getting in.so we swam till 1400 before showering and lunched at hougang point.proceeded to our grandma hse after that and crapped our way till 6 plus.

due to our swim at 1200,i'm totally burnt,my shoulders are really red and they hurts..hmm..wonder if hwee feels the same..haha..oh yea,do tag on my bpard,its dying..